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So get this… we’ve brought together all the coolest Winchester brother approved merch into one Supernatural Showbag. It’s incredible value and full of official Supernatural goodies. 

The Supernatural Showbag is packed inside a non-woven tote bag and includes a pack of A4 decals, air freshener, backpack, badges, cooler bag, dog tags, drink bottle, keyring and an A5 notebook.

If you’re looking for a gift for an avid Supernatural fan, this showbag will do the trick. It’s just what they need to settle in to binge their favourite Supernatural episodes or live their best Supernatural life (minus the demons and monsters).

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For a show that lasted an incredible 15 seasons, the least we could do is pull together an epic, value-packed showbag to help Sam and Dean live on! While the family business of saving people and hunting things might be over, the Supernatural Showbag is a celebration of all things Winchester. 

The Supernatural Showbag contains:

  • A4 page of decals with popular Supernatural quotes and symbols
  • “Driver picks the music… shotgun shuts his cakehole” car air freshener
  • Large black backpack featuring the Supernatural pentagram
  • Set of 6 small Supernatural themed badges
  • “Join the hunt” collapsible velcro cooler bag
  • Set of 2 black and white dog tags – one with the pentagram and one with the Winchester Brothers car
  • Clear Winchester brothers drink bottle with silver lid
  • Supernatural pentagram keyring
  • A5 leather-look Notebook
  • Non-woven tote bag featuring Dean, Sam and Castiel

A true Supernatural fan will appreciate all the official merch inside the Supernatural Showbag. Whether you’re buying it to add to your own collection or purchasing it as a gift, this is a showbag sure to impress.

Gone are the days of waiting for the show to buy your showbags! That’s so 2019. Now you can buy your showbags online, all year round and have them delivered directly to your door. If you’re in Australia we also offer free shipping for all orders over $100.

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  • A4 page of decals with popular Supernatural quotes and symbols.
  • “Driver picks the music… shotgun shuts his cakehole” car air freshener.
  • Large black backpack with front zip pocket featuring the Supernatural pentagram.
  • Set of 6 small Supernatural themed badges with various Supernatural symbols.
  • “Join the hunt” velcro cooler bag to keep your lunch cool.

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