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Dive into BBZ Body luxury with our exclusive Showbag. Pamper yourself with essentials like a bath sponge, cooling eye pads, a chic cosmetic bag, and more. Elevate your skincare and hair care routine with a face brush, hairbrush, and stylish hair ties. Complete your look with a handbag, headband, and lip balm. Express your style with nail stickers, sticker decal, and unwind with a soothing bath bomb. The ultimate BBZ Body experience in one Showbag!


Immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury with the BBZ Body Showbag, a curated haven for comprehensive self-care. Revel in the indulgence of a lavish bath with the velvety BBZ Body bath sponge and refreshing cooling eye pads. Keep your beauty essentials organized in the chic BBZ Body cosmetic bag, while the BBZ Body face brush adds a touch of sophistication to your skincare routine.
Treat your tresses with the BBZ Body hair brush and stylish hair ties, then elevate your ensemble with the trendy BBZ Body handbag. Adorn yourself with the exclusive BBZ Body headband and nourishing lip balm, expressing your unique style at every turn.
Unleash your creativity with BBZ Body nail stickers and a distinctive sticker decal and let the soothing BBZ Body bath bomb transform your bath time into a moment of pure bliss. Seal the experience with the signature BBZ Body shower cap, turning your daily rituals into a celebration of self-love and refinement.

Showbag contains

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
BBZ Body Bath Sponge 17x12cm 10
BBZ Body Cooling Eye Pads 7×4.3cm 21
BBZ Body Cosmetic Bag 23x15x5cm 68
BBZ Body Face Brush 17x3cm 30
BBZ Body Hair Brush 21×6.5cm 54
BBZ Body Hair Ties 12x9cm 10
BBZ Body Handbag 40x38x10cm 183
BBZ Body Headband 17x18cm 58
BBZ Body Lip Balm 12x6cm 17
BBZ Body Showcap 18x15cm 75
BBZ Body Nail Stickers 13×8.2cm 9
BBZ Body Bath Bomb 5.9cm 50
BBZ Body Sticker Decal 30x10cm 15

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