Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart Surprise

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Rainbowcorns is the ultimate Surprise egg. Which one will you find? Unbox, Hatch and Play!

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Which one will you find?

The Zuru Rainbocorns Sparkle heart Surprise features a bright mystery egg that hatches a Rainbocorn.
The fun of Rainbocorns is not knowing who will hatch.  Also Comes with cute, baby Boo-Boocorn hiding inside.

  • RAINBOCORNS SPARKLE HEART SURPRISE: What secret will your Sparkle Heart Surprise reveal? There are 6 to uncover, and come with all-new Unicorn poop!
  • SIX TO COLLECT: Collect all 6 adorable plush including the Unicorn, Puppycorn, Flamingocorn, Llamacorn, Bunnycorn and Kittycorn.
  • COLOUR-CHANGING BOO-BOOCORN: Rainbocorns Sparkle Heart gives you the ability to unbox all new colour changing Boo-Boocorns! 
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Sparkle Heart Puppycorn, 1 x Collectable Pink Egg, 1 x Rainbocorn Poop, 1 x Color-changing Boo-Boocorn, 1 x Collectors Guide