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It’s time to get your glow on! And the Glow Showbag is the way to do it. It’s full of fun glow sticks and accessories for lots of glowing fun. 

Inside the Glow Showbag you’ll find a Glow Headband, 8” Star Wand, 8” Sword Wand, 6” Whistle, 4” Pendant, 24” Necklace, 4 x 8” Bracelets, 1 x Ring, 1 x Aircraft, 1 x Earring (pair), Glasses and 1 x Sticky Glow Creature. It all comes in a Glow Tote Bag. 

The Glow Showbag is the ultimate party bag. Get it out on a special occasion and shine the night away in glow stick style. 

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You glow girl (or boy!). The Glow Showbag is seriously good value for a whole lot of glow in the dark fun. You can turn any night into a party with a whole bag of glow sticks and glowing accessories. The Glow Showbag includes:
  • Glow Headband with bunny ears
  • 8” Star Wand
  • 8” Sword Wand
  • 6” Whistle
  • 4” glow Pendant
  • 24” multi-coloured Necklace
  • 4 x 8” Bracelets, each a different colour
  • 1 glow Ring
  • 1 Aircraft
  • 1 x pair of Glow hoop Earrings
  • 1 pair of groovy Glasses
  • 1 x Sticky Glow Creature
Showbags make amazing gifts for birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion. The Glow Showbag is also a super fun party bag to either pull out at a party or to give to your guests as a way to say thank you. The only thing that will light up more than the glow sticks is their eyes when you give them the Showbag.  Of course, you associate all things Showbags and glow-in-the-dark with the show, but why wait when you can buy the Glow Showbag online 24/7? Better still, you can have it shipped directly to your door anywhere in Australia with free shipping for all orders over $100. Glow crazy!

Top 5 products

  • Glow Headband with contrasting bunny ears.
  • 8” Star Wand for glowing fairy magic.
  • 8” Sword Wand to make like a Jedi.
  • 6” Whistle to bring a little music to the glow party.
  • 4” glow Pendant to wear around your neck.


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