Captain Candy Showbag – 10 Unit Pack

$30.00 AUD

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10x Showbags for $30.00. Perfect For Party bags and Fundraising

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                     Perfect For Party bags and Fundraising!

Minimum order of 1 is equal to 10 showbags.

Each showbag contains*:

  • 4x TNT Mega Sour Spooky Blobs
  • 1x Emoticon Stationary Set
  • 2x 10g BB Grape/Blue Raspberry Bar
  • 2x 10G BB Apple/Strawberry Bar
  • 2x 10G BB Straw/Blue Raspberry Bar
  • 2x 10G BB Apple/Grape Chew Bar
  • 1x 40G BB Drops

*Contents may vary according to product availability