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Let it rip! Fans of Beyblade will love the Beyblade Showbag which contains so much cool Beyblade merchandise and things to enjoy.

Inside the Beyblade Showbag you’ll find a Backpack, Cap, set of 4 Spinning Tops, Tech Decals, Beyblade Burst Turbo SlingShock (assorted), set of 6 Badges and Score Pad. It all comes packed in a handy, non-woven Beyblade Burst Tote Bag. 

Showbags are always great value and contain loads of fun goodies. The Beyblade Showbag is no exception. It’s a winner on all fronts and makes an ideal birthday gift, Christmas present or a reward to celebrate a special occasion.

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Go shoot! There are Beyblade battles taking place in schoolyards all over the world. It’s a popular pastime and that’s what makes the Beyblade Showbag such a winner. Kids love Beyblade and they’ll love the licensed merchandise inside the Showbag. 

The Beyblade Showbag contains:

  • Large black “let it rip” Backpack with convenient front zip pocket
  • Grey and black “Let it rip” Cap with Beyblade symbol 
  • Set of 4 Beyblade Spinning Tops for an alternate Beyblade battle
  • Pack of Beyblade Tech Decals to Beyblade-ise your tech
  • Beyblade Burst Turbo SlingShock (assorted and randomly packed)
  • Set of 6 Badge Pins with different Beyblades
  • Beyblade Burst Score Pad for easy and official scoring 
  • Beyblade Burst non-woven Tote Bag

If you’re shopping for a birthday gift, the Beyblade Showbag is a great idea. If you’re shopping for Christmas, to celebrate an achievement or a gift “just because” then the same applies. You’ll be the hero of the party when they unwrap your gift and unbox all the treasures inside. 

Why wait for the show when you can have your Showbags delivered to your door with free shipping for all orders over $100? We’re bringing the fun all year round so you can always buy our value-packed and fun-filled Showbags. 

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  • Large black “let it rip” Backpack with a convenient front zip pocket and featuring a Beyblade symbol.
  • Super cool grey and black “Let it rip” Cap with Beyblade symbol.
  • Set of 4 Spinning Tops, each with a different Beyblade for an alternate Beyblade battle.
  • Pack of Beyblade Tech Decals to Beyblade-ise your tech and keep the battle going.
  • Beyblade Burst Turbo SlingShock (assorted and randomly packed).

Total Value $66.65  save $36.65!

Showbag contains

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