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Channel your inner Taylor Swift festival vibes with the Love Chella Showbag! Embrace the spirit of love and music with a dazzling array of festival-inspired goodies, including swifty style bracelet set, heart-shaped sunglasses, shimmering body glitter gel, stylish earrings, enchanting face jewels, sparkling glitter liner, trendy hair elastics and gems, a charming necklace, playful hair tinsel, a chic handbag, and a clear tote bag for all your festival essentials. Get ready to spread love and sparkle wherever you go!”


Embark on a festival journey like no other with our Love Chella Showbag! Elevate your festival style with the enchanting Love Chella bracelet set, a perfect blend of boho-chic and elegance that adds a whimsical touch to your ensemble.
Shade your eyes in style with the heart-shaped sunglasses and enhance your festival glow with the captivating body glitter gel. Dazzle your ears with the intricate earrings and bedazzle your face with the mesmerizing face jewels, creating a look that effortlessly captures the festive spirit. Highlight your eyes with the sparkle of glitter liner, adding a dash of magic to your festival makeup. Keep your hair effortlessly chic with the hair elastics and elevate your hairstyle with the enchanting hair gems and tinsel. Complete your festival look with the statement necklace.
Carry your festival essentials in the stylish handbag and stay organized with the trendy clear tote bag, a perfect showcase for your vibrant festival gear. Tailored for festival enthusiasts, it’s the ultimate accessory to infuse joy, love, and festivity into every moment of your festival experience!

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Love Chella Bracelet Set 12×6.5cm 15
Love Chella Sunglasses 14x15cm 22
Love Chella Body Glitter Gel 7.5x12cm 52
Love Chella Earrings 6×8.5cm 6
Love Chella Face Jewels 14.5x14cm 12
Love Chella Glitter Liner 8x18cm 24
Love Chella Hair Elastics 10.5x14cm 25
Love Chella Hair Gems 14.5x14cm 12
Love Chella Necklace 12x12cm necklace:3.5cm L:23cm 10
Love Chella Hair Tinsel 8x47cm 25
Love Chella Handbag 15x15cm 79
Love Chella Reusable Tote Bag 40x35x10 171