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Soothing nursery rhymes, cute characters and happy faces, that’s Cocomelon in a nutshell and kids love it. Our brand new Cocomelon toys celebrate everything we love about the Scmidt family and this fun show about their daily life. The Cocomelon Showbag includes a Blue Cocomelon Backpack, Cocomelon Activity Set, Red “A Sunny Day For You!” ball, Cocomelon Bath Toys, Blue bucket hat and a set of 3 lunch boxes.

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In the town of Cocomelon, baby JJ and his siblings go on fun every-day adventures with nursery, play, exploration, and learning – situations that any preschooler could relate to. Fun, relatable stories set to toe-tapping songs. Inside the Cocomelon Showbag you’ll find:

  • Blue Cocomelon Backpack
  • Cocomelon Activity Set
  • Red “A Sunny Day For You!” ball
  • Cocomelon Bath Toys
  • Blue bucket hat
  • Set of 3 lunch boxes

Looking for the perfect birthday gift? You’re in the right place. Want to find the best Christmas stocking stuffers? We can certainly help with that. Need activities to keep the kids entertained over the weekend or on a long road trip? We’ve got you covered. Showbags tick all the right boxes and the Cocomelon Showbag is no exception. Don’t wait for the show to buy your showbag’s – where is the fun in that? Order your showbag online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With delivery available all around Australia and free shipping for orders over $100, you can stock up on gifts and goodies the kids will love.

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Activity Set 38×21.5 45
Backpack 37x28x11 289
Ball 22 90
Bath Toys 17×25 27
Bucket Hat Head Circumference: 55 43
Lunch Box Set 11×11, 9.5×9.5, 7.5×7.5 162
Reusable Tote Bag 40x38x11 55