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The Licorice Lovers Showbag caters to the licorice purists. If you find yourself devoted to blackest of licorice strips and are almost never without a bag of the tasty treat, then this showbag is for you. Inside the Licorice Lovers Showbag you will find Includes: 1 x Licorice Lovers Fruit Bites, 1 x Licorice Lovers Raspberry Twists, 1 x Licorice Lovers Aniseed Rings, 1 x Licorice Lovers Allsorts, 1 x Licorice Lovers Black Licorice Twists, 1 x Licorice Lovers Raspberry Choc Bullets and 1 x Licorice Lovers Choc Bullets. Grab a Licorice Lovers Showbag today, with fast delivery and even AFTERPAY you can stock up on all your jelly favourites at once.

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Discover the Irresistible Allure of Licorice Lovers Show bag

Unveiling a World of Flavor

Elevate your senses with the Licorice Lovers Show bag—a tantalising journey through an array of licorice flavours. From the timeless allure of classic black licorice to the refreshing zest of raspberry twists, immerse yourself in an exceptional assortment, each piece complemented by delightful confectionery surprises.

A Tribute to Licorice Devotees

Crafted expressly for licorice enthusiasts, this show bag is the sanctuary for those who cherish the deepest, richest licorice strips. If your heart beats for this delectable treat and you’re rarely without a bag by your side, welcome to a haven tailored to satisfy your cravings.

Unravel the Delightful Assortment

Open the Licorice Lovers Show bag to reveal a treasure trove:

  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Fruit Bites
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Raspberry Twists
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Aniseed Rings
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Allsorts
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Black Licorice Twists
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Raspberry Choc Bullets
  • 1 x Licorice Lovers Choc Bullets

Swift Delivery, Convenient Payment

Available for fast delivery with the ease of AFTERPAY, relish in the licorice bliss immediately and pay at your leisure. Indulgence should be effortless—treat yourself or share the joy with someone special.

Confectionery Excellence at Its Best

Revered as one of our most sought-after confectionery selections, this show bag embodies our commitment to delivering top-tier quality and unrivalled flavours.

Discover Why Licorice Lovers Adore This Show bag

Unleash your love for licorice with our exquisite Licorice Lovers Show bag. Indulge in a symphony of flavours carefully curated for the true connoisseurs of this beloved treat. Here’s why you should add this show bag to your must-have list:

Unmatched Variety of Flavors

Delight in a diverse assortment ranging from classic black licorice to vibrant raspberry twists, aniseed rings, allsorts, and more. This show bag brings together a tantalising array of licorice flavours to suit every craving.

Uncompromising Quality and Taste

Crafted for the licorice aficionado, our show bag features premium-quality licorice treats. Each bite promises the authentic taste and texture that discerning licorice lovers crave.

Perfect Treat for Every Occasion

Whether it’s a personal indulgence, a thoughtful gift for a licorice enthusiast, or simply a way to treat yourself, this show bag caters to all occasions. Share the joy of licorice with friends and family—it’s the perfect treat for any moment.


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