Licorice refers to a confectionery made using a sweet, aromatic extract of the licorice plant root. The traditional black licorice is one of the most famously polarising candies due to its highly distinct taste, which is similar to that of aniseed and can take a bit of getting used to – but those who do like it, tend to LOVE it!

Classic black licorice features the natural extract of licorice root to act as a sweetener and flavouring ingredient. In recent years, red licorice has become a common and often more appealing variant, however this doesn’t actually include any natural licorice extract, and is often flavoured to taste like raspberry, cinnamon, or other options that many find to be more palatable.

One of the most iconic licorice products is the famous licorice allsorts, which features the traditional black licorice in various forms, such as sandwiched between soft, colourful candy wedges, or covered in sprinkles.

Here at Showbags, we’re proud to stock a range of delicious licorice products. The licorice items we sell include soft eating licorice, raspberry licorice, white chocolate raspberry bullets, classic licorice bullets, raspberry bullets, licorice fizzy fruits, and licorice allsorts. You’ll find licorice products in our Licorice Lovers Showbag, as well as our Confectionery Maxi Family Bundle #2 assortment.

You can purchase our licorice products through the Showbags online store. We ship from our warehouse in Melbourne to anywhere in Australia, and offer free delivery on all orders over $100. We accept payment online by credit card (including Visa and Mastercard), PayPal and PayPal Express, and Afterpay.

We aim to have all orders dispatched within five to ten business days of receiving payment. Once your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you’ll receive an email with tracking information, and your order should then arrive within four to seven business days.

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