Novelty Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Christmas is a time of joy and excitement when we all come together to celebrate. It’s also the perfect opportunity to give your loved ones unique and special gifts. Are you looking for unique novelty Christmas gifts that will surprise and delight your loved ones? Why not put a smile on someone’s face this Christmas? (even your own?)

However, with the inevitable joy of gifting a loved one a precious and unique gift comes some added pressure. Finding the best present they will cherish can lead to stress and endless searching. Luckily, we have a one-stop shop for all your gift-giving needs, from Freddo Frog to Bluey!

You cannot go wrong with selecting a gift centered around your little ones’ most beloved character storybook or TV series. We have so many character novelty showbags that it would be surprising if your child’s favourite was apart of our diverse range. We also combine the love for this character with variety, not just one toy to gather dust but various gifts to keep them entertained for hours. 

Our Bluey Toy Showbag is based on the adorable blue dog gracing most Australian screens, it is a guaranteed hit (and it’s no wonder why!) We have two bags available, 1 containing a cute backpack, a drink bottle, coloured pencils with a colouring book, a hat, and more. If your child is about to begin their kinder or schooling journey this could even help excite them for the transition!

Perhaps your child is more of a Cocomelon Toys fan? Not a problem. We have two showbags featuring this iconic show, with the original showbag containing a handy reusable tote bag, bath book, bucket hat, and even a plate. This gift doesn’t just provide cute toys but also enriching activities valued at over $70!

More of a Barbie fanatic? The hardest part of this showbag collection is deciding which one to get! The Barbie Dreamtopia activity pack has accessories galore, a pencil case, and a lunch box, all in a handy backpack. What a delightful (and stylish) way to keep your child entertained for hours!     

We also have Pepper Pig, Hello Kitty, Miffy, Hot Wheels, and much more! You are bound to find your child’s favourite character or show. 

Regardless of age, we have the perfect stocking stuffers for kids and young adults. No matter what your child likes, we have something that will make their Christmas day! Not to mention, with our prices these gifts will be memorable without breaking the bank. If your child is a little bit older and you need more present inspiration we’ve got you covered! We have an extensive list of showbags that will appeal to young adults. 

It would be challenging to come across someone who doesn’t like the sitcom Friends, and with our showbag, they can receive all the 90’s nostalgia with our Friends showbag! Including Friends themed badges, bracelet set, handbag, “How you doin?” Notebook and more! Complete the look with double denim, and they’re good to go!

Maybe they are more into Game of Thrones? There was a reason this show was one of the highest-grossing in history! Our showbag contains a backpack, coasters, “winter is coming” banner tote bag, and more! Perhaps they are into Harry Potter, there are many showbags to choose from, ranging from classic to charms, so if they have finished the series or still enjoying it they will find one they love. 

We don’t just offer a vast range of novelty showbags; we also can provide delicious stocking stuffers for everyone to enjoy! They will make you the favourite person at any gathering or enjoy them yourself after a strenuous Christmas shopping stint! Browse the extensive range of confectionery and chocolate showbags here and here. 

So there you have it! You can have peace of mind knowing your loved ones will enjoy all the supplies for a joyous Christmas holiday without the stress and last-minute rush! Along with nationwide delivery, you don’t have to lift a finger. For more novelty gift bag ideas, click here!

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