How to Choose the Right Toys for Your Children’s Birthday

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Choose the Right Toys for Your Children’s Birthday

Your little girl’s birthday is fast approaching, and as the loving parent that you are, you have probably been racking your brain and the internet for girl birthday theme party ideas to make her special day most memorable. 

The problem is, you’re already knee-deep in choosing the right one among the countless birthday theme party ideas. Then there is the process of finalizing the kids party favours – you’d have to choose stuff that is in line with your child’s mammoth expectations, while also making it even slightly realistic. 

Let’s face it, “a whole stuffed elephant, with goodies inside” may sound awesome but it simply isn’t possible to achieve in real life. And if you don’t compensate for rejecting this “totally reasonable” idea by making up something that is equally impressive, then you have a very cross child on your hands. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to this problem too.)

And so, harried as you are by all these setbacks, you’ve come to the internet to find how you can get started on finding the most suitable gift for your kid. Don’t you worry, we have you covered! We’ll let you in on exactly what it takes to decide the right gift, and you can be off in no time! 

Get a reading on their favourite toys

Probably the most important tip on here – the gift you’re buying is obviously dictated by what your child likes and dislikes. Sometimes, their signals can be very simple to read – the kid loves all things Harry Potter? Then the choice is obvious – you get them something to do with Hogwarts, like some themed puzzles or an activity pack. Or maybe they’re super into music and all things percussion, in which case this desktop drum set will be extremely useful. 

The point here is that your kid’s interests aren’t always easily understandable to the outside world, or at the shop where you’re trying to buy toys. You alone will know a rough idea of what playthings to buy for your tot. This is why picking from a bunch of readily available items on the web is much better than getting recommendations at the shop. 

Age group toys is rather important 

It is easy to gloss over this important tip – a lot of parents are observed buying toys that are just inappropriate when you consider their kid’s ages. At the same time, it is understandable – it is easy to lose focus on the gift when you’re busy thinking up the best girl birthday theme party ideas and get your three-year-old daughter a hefty nerf gun. Alright, that example may have been a little extreme, but you get what we mean. 

For instance, that three-year-old child would have benefitted far more from something like this Cocomelon activity pack. The pack has a lot of goodies that would be perfect for small children, like a play ball, a cute bucket hat, a bath book and some learning cards. It even has a toothbrush, plate and a handy backpack!

But what about someone a little older, we hear you say. Well, a high quality showbag of their favourite franchise is a perfect gift – and we can’t think of a more beloved franchise than Pokemon! The Pokemon Showbag contains a treasure trove of products depicting the adventures of a Pokemon trainer and, of course, the adorable Pikachu! In this Showbag, you can find a themed cap, a drink bottle, a cooler bag, a larger duffle bag, a pencil set and so much more! Talk about being filled to the brim! 

Now, the solution to the party favour problem 

We hear you, organizing the party itself is also a tonne of work and needs some serious planning. We’re glad our gifts section helped lessen some of your worry, but now it’s time to go the extra mile.

Party favours can be ridiculously expensive unless you buy it in bulk, and finding the rightly themed favour can be a chore as it may not match with your party idea. That is why the Showbags online store is the perfect solution! 

You can browse the diverse collection and find the perfect party bag for your tot’s birthday. The party bags aren’t just limited to playthings; you can find candies and chocolates too. And, best of all, you can order in bulk for your party – which means a lot more in savings! You can now breathe a sigh of relief – your child’s birthday party is on its way to being an awesome extravaganza!       

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