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Showbags Shop Accio Harry Potter Activity Pack! Do you solemnly swear that you are up to no good? If so, this is the activity pack for you. It’s got all the best Harry Potter themed goodies for enjoying hours of wizarding fun.  The Harry Potter Activity Pack includes a backpack, water bottle, set of badges, set of iron on patches, sheet of gadget decals, pack of Hogwarts House rubber bracelets, keyring (1 of 4 assorted designs), Hogwarts letter and envelope set and a door sign. Any fan of the Harry Potter franchise will love this activity pack. Give it as a gift or as a special treat to keep the kids entertained, either way it’s most definitely a winner! Afterpay Banner


Total Value $87.52


Delve into the wizarding world with the extraordinary Harry Potter Activity Pack Showbag – a magical collection straight from Hogwarts, showcasing Ministry of Magic-approved goodies worth a total value of $87.52. Send an enchanted owl to spread the word about this mystical treasure trove filled with captivating items that will bewitch every Potterhead.

Wizarding Wonders Inside: Enchanting Essentials for Every Fan

Uncover the magic within the Harry Potter Activity Pack, featuring an array of bewitching items:

  • Harry Potter backpack adorned with cartoon characters Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, and Dobby.
  • Clear “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” water bottle with a sleek black lid for staying magically hydrated.
  • Set of six badges, including Hogwarts house badges and other iconic Harry Potter symbols.
  • Set of iron-on patches, from Hedwig to Harry’s lightning bolt scar and the platform 9 ¾ sign.
  • Sheet of gadget decals to wizardify your tech gadgets with iconic Harry Potter symbols.
  • Pack of 4 Hogwarts House rubber bracelets, one for each house, showcasing your wizarding allegiance.
  • Hogwarts house keyring (1 of 4 assorted designs) to carry a piece of Hogwarts wherever you go.
  • Hogwarts letter and envelope set with red envelope seals for an authentic touch of wizarding correspondence.
  • Double-sided door sign declaring “I solemnly swear I’m up to no good” and “mischief managed” for a touch of magical mischief.

Perfect Gift for Potterheads: A Magical Experience and Incredible Value

Whether you’re well-versed in Quidditch positions or searching for the perfect magical gift, the Harry Potter Activity Pack is a spellbinding choice. This show bag offers a fun-filled and amazing value-for-money experience, making it an ideal gift for any Potterhead.

Convenient Online Shopping: Your Wizarding Adventure Awaits

The Harry Potter Activity Pack is available for purchase online, 24/7 – no spells required. 

Top 5 Magical Products Inside the Harry Potter Showbag:

  1. Clear Harry Potter Backpack: Featuring maroon Gryffindor straps and cartoon characters Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Professor Dumbledore, and Dobby.
  2. “I Solemnly Swear” Water Bottle: Clear bottle with a black lid, ensuring even wizards stay hydrated.
  3. Badge Bonanza: Set of six badges, including Hogwarts house badges, the Hogwarts crest, and the platform 9 ¾ sign.
  4. Patch Perfection: Set of iron-on patches, from Hedwig to Harry’s lightning bolt scar and the dark mark.
  5. Gadget Wizardry: Sheet of gadget decals featuring iconic Harry Potter symbols, perfect for wizardifying your tech gadgets.

Why Choose the Harry Potter Activity Pack Showbag for Your Magical Collection?

A Magical Experience for Every Fan:

The Harry Potter Activity Pack isn’t just a collection of wizarding memorabilia; it’s a magical experience carefully curated for every fan. With an array of Ministry of Magic-approved items, from a whimsical backpack to enchanting badges and patches, this show bag brings the wonders of Hogwarts to life. It’s a must-have for those seeking an immersive journey into the world of Harry Potter, making it the perfect choice for collectors, enthusiasts, and fans of all ages.

Incredible Value for Wizarding Wonders:

Beyond the enchantment, the Harry Potter Activity Pack offers unparalleled value for money. With a total value of $87.52, you’re not just purchasing a show bag but investing in a treasure trove of magical delights. The diverse range of high-quality items ensures that every penny spent delivers a genuine and exciting piece of the wizarding world. Choosing this show bag is not merely a transaction; it’s an opportunity to bring the magic of Harry Potter into your life at an incredible value.

Showbag contains

  • size: 38x27x12cm
  • weight: 190g
  • size: Dia 25mm, Pack of 6
  • weight: 15g
  • size: 14.8×21.0cm
  • weight: 11g
Door Sign
  • size: 30x21cm
  • weight: 15g
Drink bottle
  • size: H=23.5cm, 750ml
  • weight: 80g
Iron On Patches
  • size: 37.5x21cm
  • weight: 35g
  • size: 9x15cm, Assorted Designs
  • weight: 80g
Letter Writing Set
  • size:15.3x21cm – letter set –10x note pages, 10x envelopes, 10x to do list and 1x sticker sheet
  • weight: 97g
Pencil Case
  • size: 21×26.5cm, Assorted Designs
  • weight: 32g
  • size: 10x11cm each
  • weight: 25g

Elevate Your Wizarding Collection: Order the Harry Potter Activity Pack Showbag Today and Embrace the Magic!


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