How to Choose the Perfect Novelty Christmas Gift This Year

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How To Choose The Perfect Novelty Christmas Gift This Year | Showbags

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that are purely for the fun of it. Kids (and adults) can attest to this fact – what they look for in toys and merchandise, almost always, is the franchise that they’ve grown to love rather than the plaything itself. Novelty Christmas gifts fit this bill perfectly. Your favourite characters, adorning all sorts of cups, toasters, and pencil sets? Sign us up!

The only problem with shopping novelty gifts online, especially in the Holiday season, is that most of the affordable items available from a “franchise” actually turn out to be low-end knockoffs. Conversely, higher-end, genuine products tend to be extremely expensive. Well, don’t you worry, we have you covered at both ends! 

We’ll help you find some top-quality Christmas gift bags – all of these bags contain only the best cheap novelty gifts that also give you bang for the buck!

Toddlers Need Their Nursery Rhymes  

One of the greatest, simplest joys a child experiences as a toddler is the beauty of nursery rhymes. Be it in school, at home, or while lying in bed, kids tend to hum along to these lovely songs without even realising it! In the present day, learning all of these rhymes has been made easier by channels like Cocomelon. With so many songs on their page, they have undoubtedly become every tot’s favourite.

With that in mind, the Cocomelon showbag seems perfect for toddlers. The Showbag contains useful learning cards, a bouncy ball, a bath book, a fancy backpack, and a cute bucket hat. That’s not all. It also contains a plate, a toothbrush, and a placemat – all of this packaged in a handy, reusable tote bag! With all of these at their service, your kid is now ready to conquer preschool.

Pro Tip: You Can Never Go Wrong With a Beyblade

For over two decades now, Beyblade has continued to captivate the minds of children everywhere with its fast-paced action. Be it the original adventures of Tyson and team or the new generation of masters. The show has inspired many kids to be Beybladers themselves. 

With this premium Beyblade Showbag, your little one can do just that with some fantastic themed products. We’re talking some sick tech decals, a backpack, a set of four spinning tops, and best of all, an actual Burst Turbo SlingShock! Once your kid gets to spinning the top, the action will never stop – and they make for some awesome Christmas novelty gifts! 

Barbies Will Always Reign Supreme 

One of the few toys that need absolutely no introduction, it is no secret that Barbie dolls are one of the biggest brands. These figurines have been around since the fifties; that is, over six decades of being the best playmate your little one could ever have! With some incredible memories to be made, it makes perfect sense for you to get some themed novelty gifts online to level up your child’s play-acting experience.

The Barbie Fab Showbag is a splendid example of such a novelty gift. The Showbag comes jam-packed with goodies that your child will definitely appreciate. We’re talking hair bows, a pack of gel pens, and a keychain. Along with this is a notebook, a stationery set, a pair of socks, and, incredibly, an actual tutu skirt! All of this can be fit neatly into the duffle bag that also comes with the package. Needless to say, it can serve as the ideal Christmas gift bag – not just for your little one, but for all the other kids at a party too!

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