Christmas Gifts for Every Kid in Your Life

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Christmas Gifts for Every Kid

Well, well, would you believe it – Christmas is right around the corner! ‘Tis the season to find parents around the continent in a mad dash to get the perfect gift for their friends and family. Parents find it especially hard to pick out the right Christmas toys for kids – adults may happily accept some AFL merch or chocolates. But a child is going to reject their Thomas toys right away if they aren’t in the correct shade of blue!  

While yes, children are extremely picky, buying last season’s trend is a legitimate concern. Remember, the shops also know that Christmas is approaching, which means they get to stock old products that would have remained unsold otherwise. Plus, it can get rather expensive trying to buy one of the same toys for every kid in your life – be it the bevy of nephews and nieces in the family or the children in the neighbourhood. Well, don’t you worry, we have you covered on both fronts with a simple solution: party bags! 

Get the train rolling! 

Your precious one definitely knows a whole lot about Thomas the tank engine, as do millions of kids around the world. And why wouldn’t they? The bright blue train engine is a beloved character whose antics enthrall and entertain. And with this Thomas and Friends showbag, you can let your kid immerse themselves in the wonderful world of Sodor! 

The showbag contains a high-quality bottle and a removable cooler bag. Also in the collection is a cool activity set to keep your kid engaged for days, along with a snazzy bucket hat and wallet! Plus, you also get a set of cardboard character masks – perfect for a playacting session in the neighbourhood. All this stuff can be stored in a themed, non-woven tote bag which – you guessed it – also comes in the same showbag! 


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) is a long-standing franchise that has provided high octane action for kids to enjoy. The adventures of the four turtles (and Master Splinter!) as they work to stop the evil Shredder have been engaging readers and viewers for over thirty years! Now, with a bunch of movies, television shows and comics for your kid to read, buying them ninja turtle toys makes perfect sense. And, we can’t think of a better toy than the Rise of the TMNT plush.

These plush toys are insanely huggable and will provide the perfect sidekick experience to your child’s heroic antics. Each plushie corresponds to the corresponding ninja turtle, complete with accurately coloured bandanas and their signature expression. We’d say they’re the ideal toy for playtime at a pizza party – the turtles just love a slice of the Italian pie! 

Christmas just got a lot more magical 

Another franchise that has been reigning in the imaginations of juveniles everywhere is the Harry Potter series. We’re sure you need no introduction to the magical world of Hogwarts – we’re guessing your child has watched the movies countless times! If your little one is now craving for a slice of that magical world in their own life, you’ll have to look no further than this Harry Potter Activity Pack

The activity pack contains everything possible to entertain a budding wizard – we’re talking an awesome Hogwarts letter and envelope set, a high quality themed metal keyring, a pack of Hogwarts house bracelets and even a door sign! Bundled with all of these is a sheet of gadget decals, a set of badges as well as iron-on patches and a cool water bottle. And of course, a nice sturdy backpack to top it all off! This activity pack will most definitely be a hit with your child! 

You can find all the amazing products mentioned in this article, along with so many more, right here.    

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