Chocolaty Return Favours Every Kid Will Love!

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Chocolaty Return Favours Every Kid Will Love!

You could give a kid the fanciest toy in the world, but he will still be attracted to a chocolaty favours
Besides being a celebration, most children look forward to birthday parties because of all the
fancy treats, fun-filled games but in most cases – an exciting return treat!! 
It gets difficult to decide kids party favours with so many factors to consider. No two kids
are alike! What one likes might be a big no-no to some other kid. 
Especially when you are looking for gifts according to girl birthday theme party ideas, you
might be wondering how you can get the most affordable kids birthday party return gifts
which is also a crowd-pleaser.

That is exactly why chocolaty favours comes to the rescue! 
We have curated a list of affordable and yummylicious chocolate bags!

  1. Turkish Delight Showbag: This showbag includes 1 x 55g Turkish Delight, 4 x 15g Bite-Size
    Turkish Delight, 4 x 12g Bite Size Dairy Milk.
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  2. Twirl Showbag: This showbag includes an 8 x 15g Bite-Size Twirl, 3 x 12g Bite-Size Cadbury Dairy Milk, 1 x Playing Cards. This is our favourite showbag for kids’ birthday party!
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  3. Freddo and Friends Showbag: This huge showbag can also be a surprise gift for the winners of the games you host! This showbag includes 1 x 35g Giant Dairy Milk Freddo, 10 x 12g Dairy Milk Freddo, 5 x12g Milky Top Freddo, 3 x 15g Caramello Koala & 1 x 15g Strawberry Freddo.
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  4. Cadbury Oreo Showbag: Kids will never say no to milk if it comes with Oreo biscuits! Gift this bag which has 1 x 274g Oreo Original, 1 x 137g Oreo Cookie Chocolate, 1 x 137g Oreo Cookie Strawberry, 3 x 23g Oreo Mini Pouch, 3 x 12.8 Oreo Chocolate Wafers.
    Tap to buy and get it delivered for free: has a lot more surprise gift bags that the kids will go crazy about! Explore
more such bags of chocolates, confectionery, and even character themed bags for kids
birthday party
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