What is the first thing a child looks at when he/she enters a party?
It’s either the dessert table or the kids party favors table. 
This may be the most enticing thing for the adults attending as well. A well organised and decorated gift table is eye candy for everyone. 
People might tend to often overlook return favors when they are planning their theme parties or their regular birthday parties. Let’s get you in on a little secret! 
Giving off the best kids birthday party favors at your child’s birthday party, make you the best host, for sure! 
It’s easy to become the best host by gifting the best kids birthday party favors. Want to know how? Because you have Showbags by your side for packed favours with a whole variety of chocolates, toys, and much more! 

Here’s what you can Shop for the best party favors for kids:

  1. Slime bucket
  2. Plush toys
  3. Theme based figurines
  4. Grow up toys
  5. Bag of assorted cookies/ chocolates
  6. Novelty Showbags
  7. AFL Showbags
  8. NRL Showbags
  9. NRL Merchandise
  10. Colour-in-sheets

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