Wrap your love around your DIY gifts packing!

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Wrap your love around your DIY gifts packing!

We know it is said that “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, but you definitely judge a gift by
its wrapper!
A present needs to be wrapped. Otherwise, you’re just handing someone an object!
The first impression is indeed the last impression, isn’t it?
Let’s help you to strike the best first impression with unique and simple DIY gifts wrapping

  1. Grocery Bag Packing: Cut out the handles of your brown grocery bag and use it as wrapping paper. You can paint some quirky patterns and figures or keep it simple by tying around a jute thread as a bow.
  2. Photo strip Bow: Make loops out of a strip that has printed photos of your loved one. Pinch them to the centre and stack more strips similarly. You can put an embellishment in the centre. You can personalise it according to your preferences by adding photos of your choice in the strip- whether it’s of the receiver or their favourite characters or cartoons. This is especially a great DIY Gifts Wrapping Ideas for Kids as they will get super cheery when they see their picture on the gift box!
  3. Cereal Box Packing: First things, for making this gift pack, eat your breakkie on time! Once your cereal box is empty, cut out the upper flap. Cover the remaining portion with a new wrapper or any old newspaper, map cut out, or the above- mentioned grocery bag. Tape it down firmly. You can either punch holes to make a bag out of it simply staple the top in the shape of a bag.
  4. Cotton swab snowflake box: Arrange cotton swab tips in the shape of a snowflake and glue it on any colour of wrapping paper. This is especially attractive for gifts with themes of frozen characters or Christmas gift wrapping ideas. If you want to go the extra mile, you can paint these swabs in blue and add dip the ends in glitter to make it more charming!

Eventually, it’s not about a fancy sheet, but it’s about how you upgrade a simple packing with
your love and creativity! 
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Kickstart any festive season on the right foot! Wrap your little and big gifts for the basket
with these sustainable, quirky and aesthetic DIY gifts wrapping ideas!

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