Top Christmas (in July) Party Games For Kids

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As the temperature dips and the woollies come out, Australia’s biggest event of the winter is here – Christmas in July! Put up the decorations, buy your gifts, plan your family get-together. 

Along with all the preparations, you have to also deal with your child’s anticipation and eagerness every single morning as they excitedly ask you what fun stuff you’ve planned for the party. After all, you have the entire extended family visiting. That means a cackle of nieces and nephews are going to descend onto your house and look at you in a very unkindly manner unless you entertain them constantly with all sorts of Christmas (in July) party games (maybe the adults too). 

And, frankly, unless you know exactly what you’re doing, that can be exhausting. Heaven knows you’ve already spent a lot of time and effort on picking out the perfect Christmas gifts for your tot. Or… maybe you haven’t. Hey, we don’t judge, but we’re certainly concerned for you. 

Besides, we’ve got you covered when it comes to the party games. Here are some pretty entertaining ideas to pass the time and lighten up the mood on this special day. Who knows, you might even end up looking like a genius event manager. 

The Classics – with a difference

Some party games just have that charm about them that makes them stick around for eternity. They don’t necessarily have to be about Christmas – think snakes and ladders, charades, and even limbo – but it’s certainly an added bonus if they are. Your grandparents and parents know all about them and it’s time your kid did too.

Christmas Pictionary

A game that involves players drawing objects and other players guessing them sounds like a merry time and that’s because it is. Put a holiday spin on it and it becomes a fun Christmas party game for kids and adults alike. The premise is pretty simple – you make up your own prompt cards, this time having familiar Christmas-themed objects – snowmen, fir trees, or Santa Claus himself – and voila! You now have a perfectly working Christmas Pictionary perfect for the party.

Pin the Tail on the Reindeer 

This one writes itself, honestly. Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic and the amount of fun it has brought to birthday bashes around the world is beyond calculating. That said, it only needs the slightest of tweaks to fit a Christmas party like a glove. Just change the donkey to a reindeer (maybe make the tail a little shorter and bushier), bring out the customary blindfold, and let the kids have the fun! 

Or even better – change the game entirely into pinning the red nose on Rudolph! Now there’s a nice idea. 

It’s time to payout! 

Whoa, hold on! Surely you didn’t think that you could just conduct these fun party games for the kids and not give out any prizes to the winners! Those children might have been laughing with pure joy while they were busy running about the house or scribbling furiously on their boards (or somehow, doing both). However, the moment the games are over and the kids are left empty-handed again, you can kiss the prospect of hassle-free dinner preparations goodbye.   

Don’t worry, we’ve got you there too. Giving out the same kind of goodies to every kid can be a little monotonous – unless you’ve got perfect party bags that can do that job. Be it any of your kid’s favourites – Harry Potter, Barbie, The Pokemon – there are party bags that perfectly

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