Top 5 Christmas Gifts Under $40 for Kids

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Top 5 Christmas Gits under $40 for kids

Finding the best Christmas gift for kids can be a chore sometimes. Of course, these little angels deserve nothing but the best – but maybe, just maybe, their expectations can end up halting your intention to get away with buying them some cute, small gifts for kids. Come Christmas, and we all know exactly what is on our children’s minds. And on yours! You may even be thinking about unique gift ideas for kids that are not toys. Sure, there are now going to be so many occasions to have fun, and yet, there is only one stream of thought running inside the little one’s head: what gift am I going to be getting this year? It’s going to be just as good as last time, right? 

You definitely don’t want to disappoint your little one, and so, off you go, trying to find the right Christmas gifts for kids. The thing is, you have your doubts too. What exactly counts as a good Christmas gift? What if you’re organising a party? How will you procure some small gifts for kids? These are questions that need to be answered, and we’re here to help you. Firstly, for Christmas, you’d do well to look into who their new favourite character is!. Secondly, we’ll give you some standout examples of gifts that you can consider. All of them are high-quality products that would honestly make for some perfect Christmas gifts for kids. Let’s get going! 

Barbie Electronic Travel Set: 

The queen of figurines herself, Barbie, is back again! This time, however, it’s in the form of a travel set that simulates actual travel. 

The set contains a cell phone, a credit card, a passport, two boarding passes, and two sticker sheets. All tucked into a neat tote! Add some heart-shaped shades for that style factor, and you have a contender for the best Christmas gift for kids! 

Disney Princess Basic – Ariel Styling Head:

Let’s go over the hallmarks of a Disney princess real quick. Ornate dresses, Check. Beautiful singing voices, Check. Hilarious, heartwarming sidekicks, Check. Wait a minute. They’re supposed to have flowing manes as well! 

With this styling headset, your child can now play around with their favourite princess’ luscious locks! It has 14 different pieces, such as combs, pins, scrunchies, and rubber bands. Styling hair has never been more fun. 

Baby Alive New Mommy Set: 

The joy of play-acting like a parent is simply indescribable. Even as little kids, we seem to have this innate ability to care for babies. Playsets like the Baby Alive New Mommy set only nurtures this ability even more. 

The box contains a diaper bag, a snack jar with a spoon, a set of baby wipes, a onesie, a swaddle blanket, and even a pacifier! Now, any doll in your child’s possession can become a baby to be cared for – only making your little one more empathetic! 

Minnie’s Happy Helpers Bowtique Cash Register:

The Bowtique Cash Register is a thing of beauty: think of a regular cash register, except now it’s a deep shade of hot pink with a pretty, heart-shaped scanner. The product also comes with a working cash drawer and some coins that you can actually deposit. Plus, you also get some grocery items that you can scan!  

With some realistic sounds and a beautiful design, this toy is sure to excite your little one. Besides, any small gift for kids that teaches them how to count is a win in our book.

Ultimate Fidgets Showbag: 

Finally, a perfect product- both a Christmas gift for kids and party favours for a proper Holiday dinner. The ultimate fidget showbag is ideal for children as it is filled with products designed to keep their attention from flagging. 

The showbag has products like the Pop Bubble marble and animal-shaped keyrings, pop tubes, mesh fingers, a puzzle ball, and so many more (as the name suggests, it is the ultimate showbag). Just playing with each of these products once guarantees hours of fun for your tot – you simply cannot go wrong with this one!   

You can find all the amazing products mentioned in this article, along with so many more, right here.    

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