The Top School Holiday Activities Your Kids Should Get Into

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The Top School Holiday Activities Your Kids Should Get Into

So, the day’s finally here: your kid’s put in quite the shift all the way till the end of the academic year or term. Now, they get to have a well-deserved rest over the holiday! You’ve planned the perfect break for them:

  • Loads of playtime in the park.
  • Running around with their friends in the backyard and just generally.
  • Having fun with the kids holiday activity sets you bought for them.

Wait, what’s that you say? Right, the global pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions! Also, the general state of the unpredictable Australian weather. Well, that’s a bummer. 

Or maybe not: so what if you have to improvise some indoor activities for your kids? We’ve got you covered! Be it toys, art and crafts, puzzles or even slime. We’ve got just all the boredom busters you could ever need to get your kid’s summer vacay off to a rollicking start! So let’s jump right into the thick of things and check out the activities that your kids should definitely get into.

No Puzzling Matter, This

Aah, yes, an oldie but a goodie – so many generations of kids have grown up on all sorts of puzzles! Colourful ones that you can have a frolicking time with, or head-scratchers that really make your children put on their thinking caps – whatever type they may be, we can all agree that puzzles are fun for children of all ages (adults too). And we’ve got them all! 

Your kid’s really into Disney movies and loves singing Let It Go? We have puzzles themed around the Frozen movies, so that’s pretty convenient! Oh, your kid is more of a superhero buff? No worries, The Avengers are here to save the day! We have so many puzzles waiting for you, available in all shapes and hues – and at least one of them is bound to be perfect for your kid!    

Imagination Shouldn’t be Blocked Off!  

A child’s imagination can be a wonderful thing, only limited by what they get to play with. The things your tots can create in their minds absolutely deserve to be made into actual toys out in the real world, lovingly crafted by their hands and minds. How do we solve this problem? Quite simple, really: introduce them to block tech!    

As you may have guessed, the world of block tech is filled to the brim with building blocks that you can stack one on top of the other, or sideways, or diagonally…basically, you have complete freedom to create whatever you want with them! And with the Block Tech Showbag, your child will have access to multiple worlds – construction crews, turbo racers, firefighters and even a space kit. You can bet they’ll take up many days creating their own hybrid fantasy worlds without ever getting bored! 

Slime is Timeless!

Now, if you’ve ever let your kids watch Youtube, you’d know that playing with slime is all the rage now. Your child has likely been captivated by the channels that show colourful slime being thrown around, and why wouldn’t they? Slime is non-toxic, comes in a mind-boggling variety of colours and is just so much fun to squish and throw around to your heart’s content. Imagine getting to make as much of a mess you want without ever having to worry about cleaning up afterwards – you’re beginning to get the idea!

Maybe you’re just introducing slime to your kid, and you’re a teensy bit worried that you could get something unsuitable for your kid? Rest assured, we have the pioneers of slime on call! The Nickelodeon Slime Showbag has all the slime you could possibly need and is perfect for beginners and experts alike. Glow slime and neon slimes of varying colours – orange, purple, blue, pink – this bag has them all! What’s more, you also get your very own bucket of DIY slime and splat balls too! 

Boredom? What’s that? 

Now, flashy toys and engrossing puzzles are cool when your tot just wants to have fun with their friends – but what about the days when they’re bored and just lounging about in the house, and you really want to make sure they use their time well? After all, their break isn’t all just play. They need to work too – but no one said it can’t be all fun! 

Activity sets are pretty popular these days, and with good reason: they have all sorts of fun and interesting projects for kids to do. However, the selling point is that they also come with all the required material to do these projects – including coloured paper, glue, stencils – you name it! It goes without saying that it saves a lot of time and hassle trying to source these. No wonder that such sets are so aptly named as boredom busters! 

Girls do indeed Rule. 

In addition to this, you also get showbags and activity sets tailored for your little girl – Girls Rule is a splendid example of this! While they have the basic components of a classic activity set – glitter glue, a stationery set, writing implements – they also contain some additional touches that your kid will definitely appreciate. We’re talking about things like bracelets, glitter dust and earrings that your kid will love playing around with. And, to top it all off, you even get a tote bag, cap and a backpack, all for your kid to wear proudly! 

Well, these activities introduce your kids to new activities and also make it a fun learning experience for them. You can find all these fun products, along with so much more, right here.      

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