The Best Fidget Toys to Keep Your Kids Engaged

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The Best Fidget Toys to Keep Your Kids Engaged

Let’s face it – we’ve all been in this situation: suddenly remembering that a kid in your life has an occasion coming up, you desperately hurry around trying to find a good enough gift for them. 

The gift has to be inexpensive while being entertaining at the same time, you tell yourself. The thing is, if you’re going out with a specific budget – say you’re trying to find the best gifts under $30 in Australia. You’ll find that a lot of toys and products for children are a little on the pricey side. And a lot of gifts under this price point tend to be boring for what are extremely hyperactive children. 

We have the perfect solution to both of these problems – fidget toys! Fidget toys are basically shapes with small movable objects on them. How they work is pretty simple – all a kid (or adult) has to do to use it is move the small objects around, however they want! It is so easy, in fact, that we tend to use natural fidget toys unconsciously – think flaps of paper, or strands of hair. 

A Real Improvement in Concentration 

Fidget toys aren’t just random objects for passing time, though. They’ve been shown to be huge stressbusters and help children focus on the given task at hand. (Attention deficit is a real issue even in general, so you know that a kid accomplishing all of their tasks for the day is an awesome feat!) In that sense, fidget toys are a real boon. And best of all they are easy to find and pretty inexpensive. They fit the bill perfectly when you’re trying to shop gifts under $30 or so. 

We’re pretty sure you already know about a few fidget toys, albeit unknowingly. For example, this jumbo bucket of slime actually qualifies as it gives kids quite the sensory distraction! Here are a few more fidget toys that can really help your kid pass the time and keep them engaged while doing important work! 

For that Extra Pop 

The Pop Bubble series of toys are some of the best fidget toys on the market, coupled with the fact that all of them are very kind to your wallet. 

Firstly, there’s the Pop Bubble marble – perfect for a beginner just getting into popping. The cute marble comes in four colourful designs. It contains a bunch of small bubbles that are a perfect fit for your little one’s hands. The fun isn’t over once you pop all the bubbles, you can just flip the marble over and do it all again. Endless fun, hooray!

Next, there’s the Animal Marble Keyring, for all the kids constantly on the move! Each keyring has an adorable animal shape containing bubbles just waiting to pe popped! The keyring is very secure yet large enough to be attached to a handle or strap. That means you get to calm yourself down and focus – even when you’re outside!     

Lastly, there’s the Jumbo square – and the product is exactly what the name advertises. It is a mammoth grid filled with nearly 200 bubbles that you can keep popping for hours on end. The square comes in a pretty rainbow pattern and promises to be a great sensory tool!

You can find all the amazing fidget toys mentioned in this article, along with so much more, right here.   

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