Zappomungous Showbag

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Available in Cola, Bubblegum, Tutti Frutti, Raspberry, Grape, and Strawberry this showbag has all your Zappo dreams covered. Containing only natural colours, Zappo Chews Lollies offer a mouth-watering taste experience and this showbag definitely delivers. Inside the Zappomungous Showbag you will find the following value for only $12. 1 x 27g Zappo Grape, 1 x 27g Zappo Pineapple, 2 x 27g Zappo Raspberry, 1 x 27g Zappo Cola, 1 x 27g Zappo Tutti Fruitti, 4 x 12g Zappo Sour Fizz Chews Bars, 1 x 15g Zappo Sour Powder Grape Gum, 1 x 15g Zappo Sour Powder Strawberry Gum, 4 x 15g Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips, 2 x 4g Zappo Drops, 2 x 15.5g Trolli Pizza, 2 x 19g Trolli Gecko, 2 x 10g Lotsa Pops, 1 x 18g Monster Dip, 2 x 43g Triple Dipper, 3 x 16g Busters, 3 x 16g Zappo Millions And 6 x 3g Assorted Fruity Chews Yummy yummy Zappos for everyone! Afterpay Banner


Roll up, roll up and enjoy our famous Zappomungous Showbag. With so much value and plenty of surprises this showbag is a favourite of boys and girls alike (and not to mention parents!) With an assortment that will make you giddy with a sugar high, this showbag is the perfect treat for someone you love, someone that needs a treat, or even yourself! This showbag will excite, delight, and set the bar for all future birthday parties and gifts. Get your tastebuds ready, because with this showbag you will feel that sugar rush for days. The only thing left to say is, don’t forget to share! The Zappomungous Showbag has enormous value and contains:

  •  1 x 27g Zappo Grape
  • 1 x 27g Zappo Pineapple
  • 2 x 27g Zappo Raspberry
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Cola
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Tutti Fruitti
  •  4 x 12g Zappo Sour Fizz Chews Bars
  •  1 x 15g Zappo Sour Powder Grape Gum
  •  1 x 15g Zappo Sour Powder Strawberry Gum
  •  4 x 15g Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips
  •  2 x 4g Zappo Drops
  •  2 x 15.5g Trolli Pizza
  •  2 x 19g Trolli Gecko
  •  2 x 10g Lotsa Pops
  •  1 x 18g Monster Dip
  •  2 x 43g Triple Dipper
  •  3 x 16g Busters
  •  3 x 16g Zappo Millions
  •  And 6 x 3g Assorted Fruity Chews

One of our most popular confectionary bags, grab yours now with fast shipping and AFTERPAY so you can enjoy now, and pay later. We are open 24/7 – go on… treat yourself!


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