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Get ready because your taste buds are about to explode with the Zappo Showbag.

Inside the Zappo Showbag you will find 1 x 27g Zappo Grape, 1 x 27g Zappo Strawberry, 1 x 27g Zappo Tutti Frutti, 1 x 27g Zappo Pineapple, 1 x 27g Zappo Cola, 2 x 15g Sour Powder Grape Gum, 1 x 15g Sour Powder Strawberry Gum, 3 x x26g Zappo Millions, 3x 12g Zappo Sour Fizz Chew Bars, 2 x 15g Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips & 4 x Zappo Drops

Get your bag today or buy some for your friends.

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The soft and fresh Zappos chews offer plenty of pucker. With flavours like Pineapple, grape and Zappo drops there’s nothing like a hand full of Zappos lollies to brighten your day and that of someone special.

Show you care with a Zappo Showbag.

The delicious Zappo Showbag contains:

  •  1 x 27g Zappo Grape
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Strawberry
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Tutti Frutti
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Pineapple
  •  1 x 27g Zappo Cola
  •  2 x 15g Sour Powder Grape Gum
  •  1 x 15g Sour Powder Strawberry Gum
  •  3 x 26g Zappo Millions
  •  3 x 12g Zappo Sour Fizz Chew Bars
  •  2 x 15g Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips
  •  4 x Zappo Drops

For only $6, you get amazing value and most cost effective then a regular boring lolly bag.

The Zappo Showbag can be purchased online, 24/7. Place your order and we can ship your showbags to you. Plus, we offer After Pay, free shipping within Australia for all orders over $100. Add to cart now, and thank us later.


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