Wicked Fizz Zombie Combo Showbag

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Indulge your sour and fizzy cravings with the Wicked Fizz/Zombie Chews Showbag. Packed with sherbet-filled, grape-flavored candy and an array of chews, it’s a treat for both Fizz and Zombie fans. Brighten your day with these sour and chewy delights, featuring Zombie Chews in Sour Grape, Sour Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, and Sour Cola, alongside Wicked Fizz Chews in Blue Raspberry, Cola, Grape, and Berry flavors. Order your Wicked Fizz Zombie Combo Showbag online anytime, and take advantage of Afterpay. Satisfy your cravings – add to cart now!

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Sour, Fizzy and all things Wizzy, this showbag will please Fizz and Zombie fans alike with it’s Sherbet filled, grape flavoured candy and so many chews. Sour and scarily chewy, there’s nothing like a hand full of lollies to brighten your day.

The Wicked Fizz/Zombie Chews Showbag contains:

  • 2 x Zombie Chews Sour Grap
  • 3 x Zombie Chews Sour Blue Raspberry
  • 2 x Zombie Chews Strawberry
  • 3 x Zombie Chews Sour Cola
  • 10 x Wicked Fizz Chews Blue Raspberry
  • 8 x Wicked Fizz Chews Cola
  • 10 x Wicked Fizz Chews Grape
  • 7 x Wicked Fizz Chews Berry

The Wicked Fizz Zombie Combo Showbag can be purchased online, 24/7. Place your order and we can ship your showbags to you. Plus, we offer After Pay. Add to cart now, and thank us later.

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