The Original Idiot Showbag

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The Original Idiot Showbag is the ultimate collection of tricks, jokes, pranks, and all-around hilarity! Packed with a variety of laugh-inducing items, this showbag guarantees endless amusement. From the classic Snap Gum to the whimsical Glow in the Dark Snot, every item is designed to bring out the inner prankster in you. Prepare for laughter, surprises, and a whole lot of fun with The Original Idiot Showbag!

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Step into a world of laughter and mischief with The Original Idiot Showbag – a curated collection of twelve delightfully absurd items that promise to turn any ordinary day into a carnival of fun. Unleash your inner jester with the Trick Roach, Poo Flinger, and Prank Bull Ants, delivering shock, humor, and unexpected hilarity. Dive into sensory delights with the Sticky Snapper Hand and Bubble Pop Clip, or marvel at the glow-in-the-dark madness of the Splat Ball and Glow in the Dark Snot. Make some noise with the Large Sound Tube and Toilet Noise Putty, and add a classic touch with the timeless Snap Gum. With the Broken Mirror Sticker and Prank Poo and Maggots, The Original Idiot Showbag is the ultimate companion for seasoned pranksters and anyone seeking a good laugh. Brace yourself for a carnival of giggles, gasps, and unforgettable moments in this one-of-a-kind showbag! The Original Idiot Showbag contains:

1 x Trick Roach

1 x Splat Ball
1 x Broken Mirror Sticker
1 x Prank Bull Ants
1 x Poo Flinger
1 x Prank Poo and Maggots
1 x Snap Gum
1 x Glow in the Dark Snot
1 x Sticky Snapper Hand
1 x Bubble Pop Clip
1 x Toilet Noise Putty
1 x Large Sound Tube
1 x Sound Tube