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Experience the ultimate squishy sensation with the Squishy Things Showbag! Filled with a fun assortment of squishy delights, including glittery Squish Mochi in various sizes, adorable Squish Donuts, Bubble Belly Friends for extra squishy fun, Sticky Squish 3 pack for sticky enjoyment, Squish Burger, Mystery Squeezes, and a charming Squish Axolotl. Plus, hang a long Snack Bites for a cute companion on the go. Carry your squishies in style with the included mini non-woven bag. Get ready to squeeze and squish your way to endless fun


Embark on a sensory adventure with our Squishy Things Showbag, a treasure trove of tactile delights for squish enthusiasts.
Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of Squishy Mochi Glitter and its larger-than-life counterpart, the Jumbo Squishy Mochi Glitter, both offering endless glittery fun. Satisfy your squishy cravings with the irresistibly cute Squishy Donut and the whimsical Sticky Squish 3 Pack. Discover the charming Bubble Belly Friend and the quirky Squishy Burger for unique tactile experiences. Unveil the Mystery Squeeze for a delightful surprise and be charmed by the Squishy Axolotl and Snack Bites Hang a Long.
Complete the experience with the themed Non-Woven Bag, a perfect accessory for carrying your squishy treasures wherever you go. This Showbag is a compact universe of squishy joy, promising endless hours of delightful exploration and fun for squishy enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Squish Mochi Glitter 5.5 10
Squish Mochi Glitter 5.5 10
Squish Glitter Jumbo 7×4.5 56
Squish Donut 9 100
Squish Bubble Belly Friend 10×12 140
Squish Sticky Squish 3 Pack 6 84
Squish Burger 9×8 145
Squish Mystry Squeeze 8x13cm 7.4
Squish Mystry Squeeze 8x13cm 7.4
Squish Axolotl 6×12 233
Squish Snack Bites Hang A Long Bulk 10×13 30
Squish Mini Non Woven Bag 35x25x10 36