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The Onesimals showbag is a collection of cute and playful items featuring Onesimals characters. Inside the official tote bag, you’ll find a backpack, badges, diary, drink bottle, pouches, slap band, and sticker book. This showbag is perfect for children who love imaginative and fun items.


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Introducing the Onesimals showbag! This amazing bundle is filled with all sorts of fun and cute goodies that kids will love. Inside the official Onesimals reusable tote bag, you’ll find a backpack, badges, fluffy diary, drink bottle, three zipped pouches, slap band, and sticker book. All of these items feature adorable Onesimals characters, who are illustrated animals wearing onesies with fun and creative designs.

This showbag is the perfect gift for any child who loves cute and playful things. With a wide variety of items to enjoy, kids can use their imagination to create all sorts of fun adventures with their Onesimals friends. And the best part? The Onesimals showbag is only $35, and afterpay is available so you can spread out the cost. Don’t wait, get your Onesimals showbag today and let the fun begin!

Showbag contains

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Backpack 45x31x13 345
Badges 13.5×8.5 11
Diary 15.8×21.2 111
Drink Bottle H: 20cm 94
Pouches Biggest Size: 25.5×18, Middle Size: 19×13, Small Size: 13.5×9.5 55
Slapband 25 48
Stickerbook 24×14.8 76
Non Woven Bag 40x38x11 55

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