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Enter the spooktacular world of Monster High with our thrilling showbag! Packed with eerie delights, including a hauntingly stylish notebook, a bewitching bracelet set, glittery body stickers for a monstrous makeover, a chic handbag to carry your essentials, heart-shaped glasses for a ghoulishly cool look, a hair scrunchie for a touch of frightful flair, tattoo pens to unleash your inner monster, stick-on patches for a creepy-cool vibe, hair extensions for extra spookiness, and a ring & sticker earrings set to complete your monstrous ensemble. Plus, a non-woven bag to carry it all with monstrous ease. Embrace your inner monster and let the haunting fun begin.


Embark on a thrilling adventure into the hauntingly fabulous realm of Monster High with our exclusive showbag! Unleash your inner monster with the essential notebook, perfect for jotting down your spookiest thoughts and plans. Adorn yourself with the ghoulishly stylish bracelet set, adding an eerie charm to your ensemble.
Become a canvas for self-expression with the glitter body stickers, infusing your look with a touch of spectral glamour. Carry your essentials in the hauntingly chic handbag and see the world through the eerie lens of Monster High heart glasses. Secure your hair with the Monster High scrunchie, and let your creativity run wild with the tattoo pens. Customize your style with the stick-on patches and transform your locks with the spooky-cool hair extension. Add a touch of eerie elegance to your jewellery collection with the ring & sticker earrings set & carry your treasures in the chillingly chic non-woven bag, completing the ultimate Monster High experience.
This meticulously curated showbag is not just a collection; it’s an invitation to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Monster High. Tailored for fans of all ages, it’s the ultimate accessory to embrace your monstrous side and unleash the ghoul within!

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Monster High Notebook 21x15cm 83
Monster High Bracelet Set 10x14cm 17
Monster High Glitter Body Stickers 23x16cm 16
Monster High Handbag 17x13x6cm 153
Monster High Heart Glasses 14x15cm 22
Monster High Hair Scrunchie 8cm 5
Monster High Tattoo Pens 10x22cm 25
Monster High Stick on Patches 15×10.5cm 9
Monster High Hair Extension 43cm 45
Monster High Earrings Set 18x12cm 13
Monster High Non Woven Bag 40x38x11 58