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Unleash your inner mischief with the Kuromi Showbag! Packed with an array of adorable Kuromi-themed goodies, including a stylish bracelet, cozy eye mask, trendy drink bottle, cute hair clip, chic handbag, playful headband, charming necklace set, comfy socks, and a convenient non-woven bag. Embrace the dark side of cuteness with this must-have collection


Embark on a captivating journey into the enigmatic world of Kuromi with our exclusive Kuromi Showbag! Immerse yourself in edgy charm with a specially crafted Kuromi bracelet, adding a touch of mystery to your style. Stay hydrated on the go with the Kuromi drink bottle, showcasing the darkly enchanting aesthetic.
Indulge in a moment of relaxation with the Kuromi eye mask, and add a hint of rebellion with the Kuromi hair clip. Carry your essentials in the chic Kuromi handbag, and adorn yourself with the coordinating Kuromi headband and necklace set for a complete look that captures Kuromi’s captivating allure.
Express your style from head to toe with the themed Kuromi socks, and carry your treasures in the stylish Kuromi non-woven bag, completing the ultimate Kuromi experience. This meticulously curated showbag is more than just a collection; it’s an invitation to fully embrace the mystique and charm of Kuromi. Perfect for fans of all ages, it’s the ultimate accessory to add a dose of captivating darkness to your day!

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Kuromi Bracelet 7x8cm 13
Kuromi Hair Clip 6cm 13
Kuromi Necklace Set 10x10cm 16
Kuromi Headband 18x20cm 16
Kuromi Handbag 15X15CM 79
Kuromi Socks 90cm 40
Kuromi Drink Bottle 23.5x7x7 173
Kuromi Eye Mask 19x9cm 12
Kuromi Non Woven Bag 40x38x11cm 58