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Light up the night with our Glow Showbag! Packed with glowing treasures including headbands, wands, and necklaces. Get the party started with glow whistles and bracelets. Shine bright with glow rings and earrings. Explore the dark with glow glasses and sticky creatures. Complete with a polybag for easy storage, it’s the ultimate glow-in-the-dark experience.

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Welcome to the Glow Showbag, your ticket to a luminescent adventure! Illuminate the night with an array of dazzling items that promise to light up any occasion.
Start with our radiant headbands, star and sword wands, perfect for casting enchanting spells in the dark. Make some noise with glow whistles and accessorize with our glowing pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, ensuring you’re the star of any glow-themed party.
Take flight into the night with our glow aircraft, adding an extra touch of magic to the evening. Don’t forget to adorn your eyes with our glow glasses, providing an otherworldly glow to your look.
For some sticky fun, our glow-in-the-dark creatures are ready to cling onto any surface, adding an element of surprise to your glow adventures.
And when the party’s over, keep everything organized in our handy polybag, ensuring your glow treasures are always at hand for the next luminous escapade.
Whether it’s a nighttime festival, a birthday bash, or a themed event, the Glow Showbag guarantees a radiant experience that will leave everyone glowing with delight. Order yours now and let the luminescent festivities begin!

Showbag contains:

Product Size (cm/inches) Weight (g)
1 Glow Party Pack 13x16cm 191
1 Glow Star Wand 8 inches
1 Glow Whistle 6 inches
1 Glow Pendant 4 inches
1 Glow Necklace 24 inches
1 Glow Bracelets 8 inches
1 Glow Ring
1 Glow Aircraft
1 Earrings (pair)
1 Glow Glasses
1 Sticky Glow Creatures 9×13.5cm 15