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Get ready to enter a fantastical world of magic and adventure with the Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag! This delightful collection includes a Dreamtopia backpack, headband, necklace, hair extension, pencil case, ring set, skirt, stickers, and non-woven bag. Perfect for young fans of Barbie and her whimsical world of Dreamtopia, this showbag is sure to spark the imagination and inspire endless hours of fun and play. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a fun surprise, the Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag is the ultimate gift for any Barbie fan.

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Unveiling the Total Value: $63.60

Dive into the enchanting world of Barbie Dreamtopia with our specially curated show bag, boasting a total value of $63.60. This magical collection is designed to captivate the hearts of young Barbie enthusiasts, offering a delightful assortment of high-quality products.

Immersive Barbie Dreamtopia Adventure Awaits

Step into a world of wonder and magic as your child explores the treasures within the Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag. From a chic backpack to a dazzling Dreamtopia headband, every item is perfectly crafted, providing endless joy for your little one.

A Glimpse into Dreamtopia’s Delights

The show bag features a necklace, hair extension, pencil case, stickers, and a non-woven bag – all inspired by the whimsical Dreamtopia universe. These carefully selected items promise to transport your child into a realm of fantasy where Barbie and her friends embark on exciting adventures.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether for school, sleepovers, or any adventure your child dreams up, the Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag is the ideal companion. The fun and playful design makes it a versatile and stylish choice for any occasion.

Fueling Imagination and Dreams

More than just a collection of Barbie merchandise, this show bag is a gateway to endless imaginative possibilities. Your child will be inspired to dream big as they explore the enchanted forest, meet fantastical creatures, and create their own magical adventures.

The Ultimate Gift for Barbie Fans

The Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag is the ultimate gift for any Barbie fan. With a diverse range of dreamy products, this show bag brings the magic of Dreamtopia to life, offering an immersive experience that will leave your child enchanted and delighted.

Treat Your Little Princess Today!

Why wait? Ignite your child’s imagination and make their dreams come true with the Barbie Dreamtopia Showbag. This carefully curated collection promises hours of fun, creativity, and excitement. Give your little princess the ultimate Barbie experience today.

Showbag contains

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Backpack 37x28x11cm
Headband 21×11.6cm 20
Necklace 10x10cm 15
Hair Extension 35cm x4pcs
Pencil Case 21×26.5cm 19
Ring Set
Skirt 33x24cm 33
Stickers 21×29.5cm 35
Non Woven Bag 40x38x11 58