Experience the Joy of Cadbury Freddo: A Chocolate Icon Since 1930

Delve into the rich history of the iconic Cadbury Freddo, affectionately known as Freddo the Frog, a beloved Australian chocolate shaped like a whimsical cartoon frog. Introduced in 1930, this delectable treat has become a cherished favourite for children and adults worldwide.

Deliciously Compact: Cadbury’s Signature Dairy Milk Chocolate

The famous Freddo is a snack-sized chocolate delight crafted from Cadbury’s signature Dairy Milk chocolate, available in convenient 15g and 35g sizes. While its classic form offers a solid chocolate experience, the Freddo has taken on various exciting variations, including creamy and caramel-filled editions, a white chocolate top, and playful additions such as Crunchie pieces and popping candy. Among these variations, the Caramello Koala stands out—a caramel-filled chocolate treat in the shape of an endearing cartoon koala bear.

Our Chocolate Wonderland: Freddo & Caramello Koala Assortments

Indulge in the classic milk chocolate Freddo and its caramel-filled counterpart, the Caramello Koala, available in various chocolate and confectionery assortments. Dive into their sweetness with specially-themed Freddo & Caramello Koala boxes and bags, making every bite a delightful experience.

Discover Freddo in Showbags Products

Explore our selection of showbag products featuring Cadbury Freddo chocolates, including the popular Freddo & Friends Showbag, Freddo Showbag, Freddo & Caramello Deluxe Box, Cadbury Family Bundle Super Saver #1, Caramello Koala Showbag, Caramello Koala Superbag, and Cadbury Maxi Family Bundle #1.

Convenient Online Purchase with Showbags

Satisfy your chocolate cravings by conveniently purchasing Cadbury Freddo chocolates through our online store. We ship from our Melbourne warehouse to locations across Australia, offering free delivery on orders exceeding $100. Enjoy hassle-free online payments via credit card (Visa and Mastercard), PayPal, PayPal Express, and Afterpay.

Swift Dispatch and Delivery: Your Sweet Experience Awaits

Rest assured, we strive to dispatch all orders within five to ten business days of receiving payment. Once shipped, you’ll receive an email with tracking information, and your delicious Cadbury Freddo chocolates should arrive within four to seven working days. Immerse yourself in the joy of chocolate Freddo—order now and treat your taste buds to a world of sweetness!

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