Mother’s Day Fundraiser Event: 6 Tips to Get You Started

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you will celebrate the remarkable women in your life. A Mother’s Day fundraiser event is a great way to show your appreciation for all your mum has done for you while helping others. Why not commemorate this day by raising money for a good cause?

There are many ways to hold fundraisers for Mother’s Day, but creating a memorable fundraiser can be challenging. Every idea under the sun has been attempted, but how can you re-work it to make it fresh and exciting?

This blog post will give you six ideas to help get you started!

1.  Bake Sale

These holidays are an excellent opportunity to spread the love you receive and to give back. But what to donate? Clothes, gifts, food, blankets, or even donating money to a cause you feel passionately about can help spread the love on Mother’s Day. In terms of charities, here are some worthy Mother’s Day-related charities; however, feel free to do your research and donate to a charity close to your heart. Once you have picked a worthy cause, a fundraising bake sale could help get your community or family involved.

2.  Raffle

Raffles are not just fun; they are a great way to engage people with minimal effort (on their part!) in terms of prizes, the limits are endless. Prizes could include gift cards, subscriptions, hand-made gift baskets, spa treatments-you name it! If you don’t feel like having such lavish prizes- donate items for the raffle from around your home- bits and pieces such as toys, homewares and other non-perishable items could be perfect for giving a new home.

3.  Colouring in competition

A bit of healthy competition is always good, not to mention if the prize is worth colouring for! Colouring is a great way to bring the kids together and help encourage them to work collaboratively. Kids will love colouring a Mother’s Day-themed picture-especially if it is for a good cause. We have a wide range of colouring-in books available here. An added incentive for the kids is that the finished product will be the perfect gift for mum!

4.  Host a high tea

High teas are a classic Mother’s Day event for a reason. They are one of the highest-grossing events for Mother’s Day to raise funds. Hosting a ticketed event can be one of the best ways to raise funds, and you could create a theme for the tea party to put a different spin on it. Supplying your guests not just with a high tea but some goodie bags could also be beneficial- see here.

5.  Games marathon

Nothing brings the family together quite like a games night. Creating a game-a-thon could be a great way to get everyone together and do something nostalgic if you have the classics. If you don’t feel like playing for hours, donating unused board games to a children’s charity could change lives.

6. Mother’s Day stall

Raising money for your child’s school on Mother’s Day can also be a great way to get the whole school community on board. Why not have a show bag stall? Donate the funds towards the school or a charity of their choice! We have many different varieties of show bags to browse, and there is something every child will enjoy with nationwide delivery.-browse here 

And there you have it! Mother’s Day is a great way to give back to a worthy cause, and hosting a Mother’s Day Fundraiser event doesn’t have to be mundane or stressful. Many ideas keep it creative while raising money for a good cause and getting family and community involvement. Feel free to browse our massive range of gift bags and novelty items here to take your fundraiser to the next level and make it more memorable than before- be prepared to host next year too!

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