Make Your School Fete Great with These Ten Brilliant Ideas

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School Fetes can be one of the most lucrative (and enjoyable!) events. There are many ideas to allow more creativity into your school fete fundraising event to ensure everyone has fun. We have collated some of our best products and concepts to choose from! Keep reading to learn more about making your next school fete memorable and profitable!

  1. Flower Stall

A flower stall is a perfect way to add a green thumb element to your school fete. You can buy bunches of flowers from a local florist well in advance or pick local flowers as a family or school activity! Arrange them in beautiful bunches for divine gifts and are a low fuss high, impact option.

  1. Showbags Stall

A show bags stall is the crème de la crème of fetes and will be one of the most popular stalls with ease. Keep things interesting with various show bags for the kids to choose from; we recommend Totally Boy and Totally Girl– both include games and prizes to keep them entertained. Don’t forget the classics like Fizzer and Chuppa Chups, though- as these will also be a hit!

  1. Vouchers

Gathering promotional vouchers can help get the parents involved in the fete, but coupons could be great for the kids. Support local businesses by collating vouchers for all ages and have a point of difference for your stall! This idea will help the community collaborate and raise money for your school fete.

  1. Ask every class to contribute something to the fete

Encouraging the contribution of children of all ages can assist in collaboration (and some healthy competition) between classmates. Allowing family and friends to witness a performance, visit a stall or donate to a cause a particular class has deemed fit will break up the fete and give the kids a sense of pride in their achievements.

  1. Book/magazine Stall

A book drive can give old books new life (and help decrease screen time!) and encourage kids and families to bring books or magazines they enjoyed to provide a new home. Going to the second-hand shop and purchasing children’s books could be significant donations for classrooms!

  1. Cake Stall

Cake stalls at a fete are classic for a good reason. They are profitable and don’t require as much preparation as one might think. Consider having take-home cake kits for families to work on together- also, be wary of dietary regulations within the school and be sure to cater for these.

  1. Lucky Dips

Lucky dips are irresistible to most children, and it’s no wonder why. Browse our lucky dip products here but be sure to include lots of games, lollies, toys, hair clips, rings, and anything else you can think of! The ‘everyone’s a winner’ mentality of a lucky dip is what brings everyone rushing back! Mix it up by wrapping your prizes in paper for an extra surprise!

  1. Plant Stall

Like a flower stall, a plant stall is a low waste and eco-friendly option, you can grow seedlings to sell, buy wholesale from a nursery or even visit a local market for a more competitive price. If your plants have enough variation, this stall will be a family favourite!

  1. Guessing games

Again, often overlooked as basic, this low fuss game is guaranteed to draw attention and get everyone involved! To avoid the typical-how, many lollies in the jar game – (although-who doesn’t like that!) think outside the square and guess how much the class pet weighs, or how long the jelly snake is etc.! Have an excellent prize for the winner, and people will be lining up!

  1. Craft Stall

Once again, this idea is famous for a reason. Creating a specific theme, such as ‘making a gift for someone special and let imaginations run wild! By sourcing materials from a discount craft stall, donations for families or classroom supplies, the cost to run the stall doesn’t have to be high either!

And there you have it! Ten stall ideas to take your school fete from mundane to memorable! There are plenty of ideas to ensure your school-fete fundraiser is fresh and raises enough money for a worthy cause! Browse our extensive range of materials to make your school fete here.

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