Kris Kringle’s Guide to Christmas Gift Bags: Celebrating with the 4 Cs of Christmas

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Ah, the joyous season is upon us, which means it’s time to unwrap the magic of Kris Kringle. This cherished tradition, known for its camaraderie and laughter, is a highlight of the holiday season. From office parties to school events and neighbourhood gatherings, Kris Kringle embodies festivity and togetherness. Let’s talk about the 4 Cs of Kris Kringle, Australian style, and show you how to make it fair and straightforward with some help from our Showbags. These make excellent Christmas Gift Bags to use during this time of the year, particularly for Kris Kringle.

The 4 Cs of Christmas:


For those office celebrations or gatherings with your workmates, the Kris Kringle budget can afford more flexibility. After all, it’s a perfect opportunity to show appreciation and spread some workplace joy. Our showbags come to the rescue with a wide range of Christmas novelty gifts under $35. From confectionery and chocolate for those workmates with a sweet tooth, to popular TV show merchandise and accessories, including showbags for the ultimate sports enthusiasts and TV buffs, you’ll find just the right Christmas gift bags that will leave them grinning from ear to ear.


When it’s the little ones or their school buddies, it’s a different story. The primary focus here is to keep the theme charming and budget-friendly, letting you allocate as little as $6 for your kids’ Kris Kringle exchange. Our delightful selection of showbags allows you to embrace a ‘sweet’ theme without overspending. Consider involving your little elves in the process, especially if they’re named someone’s Kris Kringle at school. Our Christmas gift bags range from Cadbury, Oreo, and Cherry Ripe showbags, offering various options within the $10 – $15 range. This way, you can tailor your kids’ Kris Kringle experience to suit your wallet while sticking to a delightful and thematic touch.

Now, if you’re playing host and contemplating alternative themes for your Kris Kringle Kids Parties and looking to keep it budget-friendly, consider our various showbags, all priced at $35 or less. These make the perfect Christmas novelty gifts and even cover many themes, from beloved cartoon characters to the enchanting world of Harry Potter and the adventurous realm of PJ Masks. With these affordable options, your little ones can maintain the spirit of childhood excitement, no matter the theme, and make a lasting impression, leaving their friends eager to be their Secret Santa next year.


For neighbourhood gatherings and community events, Kris Kringle calls for a budget that’s friendly to all. Here’s where our showbags play the role of budget saviour yet again. Our Christmas toys and Christmas Novelty Gifts at $35 and under, cater to all ages and preferences, making it easy to find a gift that has a little something for the entire community. Choose from an assortment of chocolate, merchandise and accessories of your favourite characters and heroes, board games and puzzles. It’s the perfect one-stop solution to spread Christmas cheer, and that too, within your budget.


Regardless of the group, the heart of Kris Kringle lies in camaraderie. It’s a time for creating bonds, sharing stories, and spreading the spirit of the season. And you’ll agree – with our one-of-a-kind novelty gifts Christmas will indeed be more memorable. The idea is to keep the atmosphere light, fun and engaging and encourage everyone to participate in this heartwarming tradition.

Now here’s the exciting part: If you’re part of a Kris Kringle group scattered across the country, our user-friendly online ordering system and convenient delivery options ensure a seamless experience, delivering Christmas gift bags directly to your Secret Santa’s door. It lets you all partake in Kris Kringle while basking in the holiday joy.

So, let’s embrace the holiday magic with Kris Kringle, the perfect way to make your season even more special. Thanks to our showbags, you can keep it fair, fun, and wallet-friendly. Alongside the 4 Cs – Colleagues, Classmates, Community, and Camaraderie, remember to keep the Christmas spirit alive. Here’s to your Kris Kringle celebrations brimming with laughter, heartwarming surprises, and a touch of Aussie charm.

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