Kris Kringle Made Easy

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When the holidays roll around, the time comes to spread the Christmas Cheer with Kris Kringle. While this is exciting, it can come with some stress. Who has the time to go out and get a personalised gift, especially during the holidays? Leave the thinking to us! Whether it’s for the office, the schoolyard, or your circle of friends, we have plenty of fresh ideas, all with minimal effort on your part! Keep reading to learn our list of the best Kris Kringle-worthy presents. From the classics to the newly popular, there’s something for everyone on your list. So take a look and get your Christmas shopping sorted early this year!

So, you got Kris Kringle with your friend group, and what will you do with the modest budget? Get another candle? Socks? Stop right there: we have just the ticket! Why not get them a Showbag? It’s tongue-in-cheek, affordable and unpredictable! Hit the nostalgia note with someone’s favourite TV Show or movie! We have a showbag for every TV or film fanatic! Alternatively, you could feed into their interests! Who wouldn’t love a showbags with their favourite NRL team? Browse the whole novelty collection here

If your child has a Kris Kringle at school, we have a few options to make everyone happy. You don’t have to run around and look in 5 different shops at the very last minute-it’ll be delivered right to your door! If your kids are a bit younger- who wouldn’t love a character showbag? We have everything they would want, from Bluey to Barbie. Or maybe they missed out on their favourite showbag at the local show and enjoy a sugar rush! Try the confectionary or chocolate range! Regardless, we have a wide selection for preschool or primary school! 

Make work Kris Kringle fun!

 Or maybe you have Kris Kringle at the office and don’t want to get the same box of mundane chocolates (again). Why should Christmas only be joyful for kids? Get your co-worker something they would never suspect- a showbag! Even if the Kris Kringle is randomised, who doesn’t love Cadbury? Or maybe Freddo? Or perhaps you know a certain someone with a sweet tooth? Confectionary bags are the way to go! You could even hit the personal note with their favourite NRL bag and stay within budget. We guarantee you’ll be the favourite at the office, and everyone will want you to be their Secret Santa next year! (even if you aren’t doing a Kris Kringle getting a small gift for everyone could be a great idea!)

So no matter your budget or who you need to buy a gift for, we hope you found the perfect Kris Kringle solution! Wave goodbye to the same old predictable gifts and say hello to our wide range of showbags available; there’s something for everyone (young or old). So take the last minute stress out of Christmas shopping and browse our website today. You’re sure to find the perfect Kris Kringle gift without breaking the bank. Browse all our showbags here!

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