How To Decorate Your Home For Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

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How To Beautify Your Home For Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

It’s been a year since your baby first came into the world, and you’ve made so many precious memories with it in these 12 months. The first birthday carries such significance for the parents as they look back on the blissful existence (peppered generously with moments of absolute chaos) of being a caregiver. It is only appropriate, then, that you throw a birthday party that is extremely meaningful and will be remembered for the rest of your life. Here are a few kids’ party decoration ideas for you to use.

Substance over style 

This being the first bash means that it’ll be a much more intimate affair than the ones down the road. Loud birthday decorations for the kid’s party are all well and good. Still, you’d rather pay much more attention to the little but significant moments that happened over the year: your baby’s first crawl, the first time you and your significant other saw them smiling, your first hugs. 

Well, an excellent way to encapsulate this magic is to make a poster board of all these moments: just stick up the photographs and write what they mean to you. An added positive is that this won’t just serve as a birthday party decoration but will also be right at home on your wall for years to come. 

Another idea is to incorporate the toys around them that they’ve taken a liking to. It can be that plushie of a twinkling star that they sleep with every night. Or, maybe it’s that one touch-and-feel book where they don’t know what the words mean, but they like the fox on it. Whatever the case, make sure your party infuses kids’ birthday decorations and revolves around at least some of these themes. 

Your baby’s the star.

Well, that is true for subsequent birthdays too, but you know what we mean. The first birthday party is special for the family, and honestly, the level of attention you will get will not be seen in the subsequent years of the kid’s life. So you know what? Make the most of it! 

Have events in your backyard that are designed to take into account what your kid likes to do around the house. Your baby’s a speed crawler? Put out some soft blankets on the grass so that all the kids can frolic around. Does it like playing with toys, especially sports-themed ones? Put out a small basketball hoop and give the tots some balls. They may not know the rules or what they’re doing, but hey, they’ll have a lot of fun. What’s important is that you prioritise the baby’s enjoyment and comfort to make sure the party doesn’t end in tears. 

Finally, when it’s time for the guests to leave, you can whip up some easy-to-source party favours by getting the kids Showbags! Don’t worry, Showbags can be found for kids of all ages, including teeny tots. For some flair points, you can even stick a picture of your baby onto each party bag! Now that’ll really make this party a memorable one.

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