Go Beyond Regular Fundraising Ideas for Schools in Australia With Showbags!

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Bake sales, runs, fêtes — they sound fun, but that can’t be said for the ones planning and executing them! Not to mention, the amount of time and money spent cuts into the fundraiser’s profits. What if you could plan an exciting fundraiser that was all about the ‘fun’ and didn’t ‘raise’ your stress levels while trying to organise the whole event? Imagine unique fundraising ideas for schools in Australia where you can match what the teens and tweens are into today (and you know better than anyone else, that their tastes change every week). Wouldn’t it be cool to have something totally different? Where items you auction are so desired, that the entire fundraiser turns into an epic success! So to recap — fun, camaraderie, popular items, no stress, and a successful fundraiser. It’s not a dream — this can be your reality when you let Showbags steal the show!

More Than Goodies, It’s Goodness!

Show bags go beyond delicious treats and collectibles – they’re a fantastic way to bring the whole community together! Parents and volunteers working side-by-side to promote the fundraiser, chatting and laughing while they spread the word, after all — there’s no stress about running up and down to the store, haggling over items, or ensuring everything is done within the super tight deadlines. Think of it not just as school fundraising in Australia, but as building a stronger community, one show bag at a time!

What’s Trending Now & What Are the All-time Stars?

First things first, you have got to know who you’re fundraising for. Young children to teens — they have their own language, their own trends, and their own obsessions. The key to a successful fundraiser is speaking that language. Like the 2024 phenomenon Bluey – the animated pup that’s taken the world by storm. 

What else is hot with the kids these days — are fidget spinners still a craze? Well, fidget toys haven’t gone anywhere! They’ve morphed into a whole universe of squishy, clicky, and calming gadgets. A show bag packed with these trendy fidgets alongside some cool notebooks and funky pencils would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Classic Cadbury to Win Them All!

If the age group of attendees flocking to your fundraiser cannot be known (you may get an adorable group of toddlers coming in out of nowhere!) and are unsure which theme to pick, consider the crowd-pleasing classic: Cadbury showbags. Yes, the same Cadbury show bags you craved as a child, remain fan-favourites for a reason. They’re packed with even more variety now, with what seems to be an endless array of flavours.

The beauty of Cadbury fundraising is that you instantly have a loyal fan following! Here’s the real magic of a Cadbury show bag theme: it’s an instant crowd-pleaser. From toddlers to their parents and teachers, everyone has a soft spot for a delicious piece of chocolate. Think of it as a universal language of love (and fundraising!). Adding a selection of Cadbury treats to your showbags is a surefire way to make them even more popular.

Pop Culture Popular Showbags to the Rescue

If you think just teens are trendy, you haven’t met Novelty Showbags yet! These are filled with collectibles that will be cherished forever, and they’re quite a throwback to the 90s classics too!

From the FRIENDS universe to the magical world of Harry Potter, and the shenanigans of Brooklyn Nine Nine, host a fundraiser that’s all about nostalgia. This is a great idea to make your fundraiser a success and appeal to everyone attending the school fundraising in Australia — even the parents!

Novelty show bags are packed with quotes every fan knows and artwork that’ll adorn your home for years to come.

Easy From Ordering to Raising Funds

No need to reinvent the wheel! It’s not just the wide variety of fundraising ideas for schools in Australia, Showbags offers comprehensive marketing kits with everything you need to promote your fundraiser. From social media assets to flyers and templates, these kits make it easy to reach far and wide and attract more participants. Just choose your selection of showbags, promote the sale, and watch the orders roll in.

Memories Made to Last:

From toddlers to grown-ups, everyone remembers the joy of receiving a showbag. The surprise and delight associated with them create a lasting positive experience, making students and families more engaged in your fundraising efforts.

Showbags – Your Fun-Raising Ticket:

With conveniently pre-packed showbags for all ages and all kinds of budgets, you can be well-prepared and ready to raise serious funds. All while having a blast with your school community.

Think about the showbags that fly off the shelves at those big events, you can replicate that at your fundraiser! Learn more on https://www.showbags.com.au/fundraising-showbags/

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