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Whether you’re a school, childcare centre, sports club, or community group, our much sought-after fundraising ideas promise to make your next fundraiser easy to organise, simple to run and a fundraising success.


Organise a ‘Real life Show’ at your school

Get your entire community involved and host a ‘Real Life Show’ at your school. Complete with a sausage sizzle, animals rides, amusements and don’t forget showbags!

Host a Showbag Stall at your next event

Next school event, recital, or assembly, why not put up your own showbag stall? All you need is a trestle table, showbags and print out some of our marketing flyers. Guests can buy a showbag on their way through to their seat. What a great idea!

Run a class by class Fundraising Competition

Compete with your classmates and see who can sell the most amount of showbags during your fundraiser. Each class can track their progress with this handy Showbag Tracker.

Hold a permanent showbag space at your school

Showbags are the perfect gift for any occasion, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and even for those moments when you just want to show you care. Why not set up a permanent showbag space at your school, where parents, friends and even students can buy showbags whenever they wish. All you need is a safe area, a trestle table and someone to man the space during “Opening Hours”.

Organise a Showbag stand at your kiosk or cafeteria

Why not allow students to purchase a showbag from the canteen at lunch? You can easily hang your showbags up for display, or ask our team for creative ways to show off the showbags. We guarantee you will be re-ordering on the monthly. You can also add the showbags to your tuck shop order list for super easy ordering.