Christmas Toys for Kids: Our Best Picks

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Christmas Toys for Kids | Our Best Picks |Showbags

It’s the same old story every single year – the Holiday season rolls around, and you suddenly find yourself swamped with a million things to do. Chief among these responsibilities is buying suitable Christmas toys for kids in your life. It is already a big responsibility to undertake; then you realise you have to be especially careful while buying gifts for kids under ten years of age. It’s no surprise then: receiving gifts on Christmas is the best thing ever, but not picking them out!     

You know what? We can’t let you continue like this – enough is enough, this year will be different! We’re here to make sure you will face none of the stress when buying toys for Christmas 2021. In this piece, we’ll give you a couple of suggestions on getting the best kids gifts in Australia without emptying too much of your wallet. 

Make Them Don Their Thinking Caps 

The thought process behind getting Christmas toys for kids has gotten a lot more muddled recently. On the one hand, you want to make sure that the toy is something your child will enjoy playing with. On the other, you’re concerned a non-productive toy will only be wasting their time. 

There is a neat solution to this dilemma: board games! Board games come in all varieties and inculcate a sense of passive learning simply through playing them. Floor puzzles are an excellent example of a game that delights your kid while also making them ponder over complex shapes. 

In our opinion, you cannot go wrong with a floor puzzle of a franchise that your kids love – making this 1000 Piece Harry Potter puzzle a perfect acquisition. The box contains one of three ornate scenes from the movie, and your kid is sure to love having Harry, Ron and Hermoine in their life again!     

Bring Some Sports Into Their Life! 

As long as it comes to kids’ gifts in Australia, one can never really go wrong with getting them some sports-themed goodies. Our country’s proud sporting heritage is on full display, especially when the AFL season comes knocking around – which is why a themed AFL Showbag makes a sensible gift for a child trying to get into the sport. 

At Showbags, you can have your pick from a host of premium, themed party bags for different AFL franchises. Each pack contains premium merchandise and activity sets to keep your child engaged for hours on end. Whether it is the Magpies or the Eagles that your child supports, there is a Showbag out there for every fan!    

Sweeten the Deal

You can now breathe a sigh of relief: you finally have all of the best toys for the children in your life. Wait, what’s that? Right, this is children we’re talking about; they’re going to need quite a few more goodies to actually be satisfied. And when the Holiday season comes knocking at your door, you know there’s no better accompanying gift than candy!

However, in situations like holding a party in your backyard, catering to such a large gathering would be a difficult task. Showbags have your back there too. Their range of best-selling confectionery party bags is perfect for the occasion. The Cadbury Dairy Milk showbag, for instance, contains 15 full bite-size candy bars and a deck of playing cards – a kid is definitely going to appreciate both of those! 

Or how about this Fizzer showbag that comes packed to the brim with the delicious fizzy candy? The bag has an incredible 28 individual candies that are sure to delight any child receiving them as a gift. And, now that the kids love you, the party is entirely under your control!

You can find all the fantastic products mentioned in this article, along with so much more, right here.      

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