Christmas is Coming, Plan Ahead!

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Christmas is Coming! Plan Ahead |Showbags

Well, if it isn’t that time of the year again – tis’ the Holiday season, folks! You know what that means. It’s time to look for the best Christmas gift for kids. And, we’re sure you’d prefer to shop gifts under $30 right now, to make sure those fabled Holiday inflation rates don’t leave you in a pinch. 

Well, how convenient – right here, in this very article, we have a bunch of helpful tips to help you find the right Christmas toys for kids! You will appreciate all the help you can get, considering how difficult it already is to shop gifts under $30 in Australia. We’d like to make that job a lot easier for you. 

But hey, why should the kids have all of the Holiday cheer, we hear you ask. Fair enough, we also have some fantastic Christmas chocolate gifts that would serve as the perfect present for any occasion- including corporate events! So don’t you worry – we have all bases covered! We’ve shared the Christmas Gifts Checklist to help you plan all the gifts you have to buy and keep them well within your budget!  

Get Only the Best for Your Preschool Tot

One of the greatest joys in life is seeing your little one have this infectious, joyous attitude come the holiday season. Just watching them jump with happiness at the gifts they receive is heartwarming. At the same time, that also puts some pressure on you to find the best Christmas toys for kids.  

Usually, children respond well to gifts that incorporate their favourite characters – either from storybooks or the T.V. One splendid example of such a gift would be this Bluey Showbag, based on the adventurous blue dog! The bag contains a backpack, a drink bottle, coloured pencils to go along with a colouring book, and so much more. In short, it seems like the best Christmas gift for kids just beginning their schooling! 

Or maybe your child just prefers Paw Patrol? No worries, for the heroic canines are back at it again with a packed show bag! This activity pack contains a lunch box, pencil case, bath toys, and even a puzzle set. What a delightful way to keep your kid entertained for hours!     

For the Boys and the Girls! 

No matter what age and gender your child is, getting them a suitable toy is paramount. A toy that your child won’t like is a toy that will be collecting a lot of dust! That is why getting a themed Showbag would be killing both birds – the bag is tailored to be loved by your child even while you’ve achieved your goal to buy the best Christmas toys for your kids within a tight budget.  

For girls, the unicorn showbag seems a no-brainer. This brilliant set contains body glitter, a coin purse, a duffle bag, huggable plush, and even a jewellery set, along with even more goodies! The bag is guaranteed to delight your little one for a long time. But hey, if unicorns aren’t for your child, then no worries – we have mermaids too! This mermaid Showbag has an outrageous amount of items – we’re talking stickers, bath confetti, drink bottles, earrings, hair extensions, loom bands, a necklace, and even a handy non-woven tote bag! All for $30! Now that is value for your money. 

For the boys, it is really hard to go wrong with a beloved franchise like pokemon. This Pokemon Showbag will help keep your child in touch with Pikachu and friends with a bunch of exciting goodies! The bag contains – a cooler bag, a tattoo sheet, a set of badges, a decal, and even a cool cap, among a bunch of other things! Perfect for Pikachu lovers everywhere, we reckon. However, if they’re more into cool, adrenaline-pumping activities, then maybe the Hot Wheels franchise is more in their lane. This Hot Wheels Showbag comes packed with awesome stuff like an activity set, backpack, toy gliders, floor puzzles, and best of all, two actual Hot Wheels cars! This gift is sure to be something that your kids will love!

Chocolates for Every Occasion! 

Now confectionery of any sort is highly regarded as a universally loved gift. Candies and chocolates level up any occasion, be it a birthday, a graduation party, or of course, a Christmas gathering. Now, procuring chocolates themselves shouldn’t be much of a problem. The real struggle kicks in when you realize you’ll have to shop for gifts under $30 or so to make sure you stay within your budget. This is especially the case when there is a large office party, and you need gifts for every employee. Don’t you worry – Showbags has you covered with assorted Cadbury party favours that will lighten up both the mood and the stress on your wallet! 

For large family dinners/events, we would suggest getting the Freddo Family Deal or the Cadbury Big Bite showbags. Both bags come choc-full of candy bars (at least 30 in each) and are perfect for informal gatherings! 

For more official events, such as a typical office party, the Cadbury Indulgence showbag would serve you rather well. Also of note is the Favourites Showbag, which comes with 15 candy bars and two Cadbury Favourites boxes. Whatever your choice is, you can be sure that these showbags will infuse your party with festive cheer!  

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