Christmas Gifts and Decor that are so Easy, Even Your Kids Can Make Them!

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Tips to make Christmas Gifts and Decor at home

It’s June, which means our hallowed annual tradition, ‘Christmas in July’, is right around the corner here in Australia. Getting to have that perfect Christmas party amidst the wintery chill and festivity is literal heaven. The only problem is that Christmas Gifts available in the market are limited and if seen there is a sudden increase in price right around the same time. And if you haven’t saved up your baubles from last year, then your wallet’s in big trouble. The same goes with gifts and Christmas toys for kids – those shops know exactly why you’re there to buy stuff, and they’ll gleefully empty your pockets.

That’s where the power of necessity rears its head. You don’t want to spend a huge amount on stuff you probably won’t need after a month? That’s cool! Instead, you can just buy some supplies, add a little bit of your magic and voila! You now have custom made Christmas decor and gifts. In fact, these ideas can be carried out perfectly even by your child. So let’s get going!

Channel your kid’s bountiful energy

Christmas is a very special occasion for your child. They get to see their distant relatives (including all the cousins) gather under one roof for an evening of merriment and banter. It is natural for your kid to get overly excited and wreak havoc around with his art and craft supplies in preparation for this event. We’re here to tell you that this chaotic energy can serve your Christmas gifts decoration process if it is channelled in the right direction.

For example, if your kid loves randomly cutting up paper into shapes, just give him some red, white, green and brown (light for the face, dark for the antlers) chart paper and ask them to trace their handprints on them and cut them out. You arrange these cutouts together, and just like that, you have dozens of handprint Santa Clauses and Rudolphs that can adorn your house! 

Or how about those popsicle sticks that your kid constantly fiddles around with? All they have to do is get three of them at a time, stick them together with glue to form a triangle, attach a bit of paper at the bottom and you have a Christmas tree ornament. You can leave it uncoloured if you want to, but let’s be honest – your child would love to go ham and paint them with all the colours in their art set. That is perfectly fine as well.

It’s the little tweaks that matter. 

We know that there’s a lot of people in your life that you’d love to send gifts to. The only problem is that a generic party favour would look just like every other gift they’re going to receive during the Holiday season. How do you remedy that? Showbags, of course! The thing is, you don’t have to buy a show bag and just ship it directly. Instead, after getting the Showbags, you could perhaps add cutouts of Santa on them, or any other cool Christmas design ideas churning in your brain. This where your kid also gets in on the action – of course, they’d love to create a craft that they can send to their friends and family!

Creating these customizable party favours takes out many birds with one stone – one, you get to send out gifts made with a lot of love but none of the hassle. Two, you can also get your shopping done at the same time – you can buy Christmas gifts for kids on the site. Lastly, you can create many more of these party bags, and they’d be absolutely perfect for both your colleagues (If you are celebrating at work).

We hope these tips helped you in your quest for a hassle-free Christmas. Good luck with your decorations and happy shopping! 

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