All You Need to Know About Selling Fundraising Products in Australia

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Fundraising is essential to many organisations, especially in Australia, where schools, sports teams, and community groups rely on it for their continued success! But who has the time to think of new ideas for Fundraising Products in Australia? Forget hard-to-coordinate fun runs and messy bake sales; it is possible to make large profits with minimal effort! A unique and lucrative method of fundraising in Australia is using showbags! With our wide selection of affordable, high-value showbags filled with quality chocolate, confectionery goodies, and novelty items, you’ll have the money raised in no time. 

Your options:

Chocolate showbags are always a crowd favourite, and for a good reason. They are a delicious treat that many people love and are perfect for selling at school carnivals, sporting events, and other community events. Popular choices to select from include Crunchie, Flake, Caramilk, Oreo and more. 

If you’re looking for a showbag that offers a variety of treats, our confectionery showbags are an excellent option for school fundraising ideas in Australia. Who doesn’t love confectionery showbags like Hubba Bubba, Mentos, Zappo, Chuppa Chups and Warheads? 

If you’re looking for a showbag that offers something a little different, our novelty showbags are an excellent option. They include a range of fun and exciting items like toys, games, and other novelties.

One of the most popular novelty showbags we offer is the Bluey Showbag! We also have something for everyone of all ages, including Barbie, Peppa Pig, Brooklyn 99, Friends and Harry Potter. 

Now you have your fundraising products sorted, here’s how to make the event a success:


Give yourself plenty of time to plan your event, and be sure to register at least four weeks before. After signing up, you can set up an account, and our friendly team will be on hand to provide advice and help you make the best decisions regarding buying showbags and other options that suit your organisation. 

Order Showbags

First, choose an exciting selection of showbags that suits your market and budget (novelty, chocolate or confectionery). For ease, allow one bag per child at your school/group – or feel free to discuss your needs with our team. Your order will arrive clearly labelled in pre-packed cartons – pay up front, and we’ll take care of everything else!


Take your fundraising efforts and profits to the next level with our Marketing Kit! Our comprehensive tools give you everything necessary for success, like social media messaging ideas, newsletter templates, advertising posters and money-making trackers.

To ensure maximum participation and engagement from parents, teachers, and families, start promoting your Showbags Fundraiser at least two weeks before its launch. In addition, we can assist you in spreading the word about your fundraising event by promoting it on our social media channels. Simply send us an email, and we’ll help you amplify your event to reach a wider audience.


After completing the necessary preparations, it is time to host your event and start fundraising. The key to earning a profit is to purchase our value-packed showbags at wholesale pricing and sell them at retail pricing. Doing so can generate significant funds for your organisation, making your fundraising efforts a success.

Receive Your Profit

When it’s all over, the profits are yours instantly. No more waiting for funds to be transferred; you take the money as soon as the fundraiser is complete!

Showbags make for a fun and exciting fundraising option that can bring a smile to the faces of both children and adults while also providing much-needed support to organisations that rely on fundraising to succeed. It is that simple! Read more about creating your fundraising plan here

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