A Guide To Making Kids’ Fundraisers Memorable And Delightful

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Planning fundraising events may seem like a daunting task when you have to ensure there’s an equal amount of fun involved. You have to plan everything to a ‘T’ and keep in mind all the activities to make sure that the little ones are fully engaged. Finding creative ways are surely not easy. . .you have probably experienced first-hand what it takes to keep their endless imagination alive!

So, let us take care of the fun part of the fundraiser, while you work on getting them up and running! We’ve shared some amazing yet easy-to-implement fundraising ideas to organise a successful fundraiser that everyone will enjoy and remember. Let’s get straight to it!

Install Alluring Stalls That No One Can Resist

It’s good to teach kids the importance of giving back to the community at a young age. Getting them involved in planning your fundraising events is the simplest way to start. And the easiest way to ensure your kids help you out without making a mess is to set up a stall that sells exciting goods!

Kids or adults, everyone loves a good bag of goodies, confectionery, shirts, and toys. You can make the most of it by bringing uniqueness to these items. Make sure whatever you choose is making you stand out in the crowd. You can also add fun to your fundraiser with a unique bag of lollies! Zappo Showbag is a magic bag filled with tasty candies in many flavours. From grape to strawberry, from grumpy dips to Zappo drops you name the flavour and we have it! Moreover, these are designed to make sure your pocket is not empty. You get a Zappo Showbag just for $6 making it affordable to you as well as anyone buying from you!

Hold A Karaoke Themed Fundraiser

Is there a better way to make kids enjoy themselves than letting them display their talents? Karaoke nights are a fun way to keep the kids engaged. Not just kids, but the entire family can come together to sing their favourite songs. Karaoke is a classic! 

You can also spice it up with great food and drinks. Turn your fundraising event into a rocking concert with this cool Karaoke microphone. Karaoke fundraiser is a great way to bring everyone together for a good cause.  

That’s a great fundraising idea, but how do you raise money during a Karaoke, you ask? Well, it is quite simple. You can set up stalls for one. You can also ask for donations. Or do bids. Okay here’s an example, you can make the head of the organisation sing and the audience can bid on what you want him to sing. The highest bidder gets to choose the song! Doesn’t that sound fun?

Have A Day Full Of Friendly Competitions

Competitions are a great way to interact with each other. It can help build confidence, relationships, and team spirit in children. Arrange a day of captivating competitions and make sure that these are just friendly competitions. Don’t want kids fighting tooth and nail during a fundraiser, do you?

You can scale it up with cute goodies or novelty showbags given as prizes. Our Novelty showbags collection has themed showbags from different franchises the kids love! 

You can organise some silly competitions for adults too. These competitions can be both individual and group participation. You can have games such as Dumb charades, Balloon duel, Pictionary, Whisper game, Dictionary, etc. Such events act as a great space for kids to know others in the community. They learn socialisation, communication, team spirit, and sportsmanship. On top of it all, such out-of-the-box fundraising ideas are always known to be the talk of the town!

You can have stalls or ask for donations to raise money. Another fun way of doing it is collecting money from people as a participation fee. 

Come Together For A Dinner

Simple things like cooking a meal together with friends and peers are something that makes everyone’s day. This also does not need as much planning as the other ideas. All you have to do is book a place and come up with a list of dishes that you want to cook. Kids and adults come together to make something tasty. You could give the kids some of the easier and harmless tasks like shaping and decorating cookies or helping with the presentation of food. That way you can get them involved without compromising their safety! 

You can even throw a pizza party and invite people over. Such untraditional fundraising ideas help kids and adults take a break from their busy schedules and come together.

After cooking together, you can sell the food. You can top it up with stalls and a donation box. Bidding on food is another way to make money. The choice is yours, there are no hard and fast rules here. You can do anything you wanna do. Just remember to make it fun and unique.

Dress Up As Your Favourite Character

Every kid has a superhero or a character that they love! It would be a great idea to turn your next fundraising event into a themed party the kids will love. Kids always love to dress up as their favourite characters. Adults can dress up too. Families can come as the cast of a movie. You can have runway walks, games, and fun competitions based on the party’s theme. It is up to you to have a single-themed party or a party where everyone can dress up as characters they prefer. 

Similar to other fundraising ideas you can set up stalls, sell food, sell toys and ask for donations here too. If you have artists in the house you can have makeup stalls for kids at the party as a way to raise money. You can sell themed t-shirts and goodies. Additionally, you can ask winners of the competitions to donate their prizes for a good cause!

The possibilities are limitless. You can also make fun combinations of these ideas. Gear up and get ready for your next big fundraising event. We are here to help you through it all. You can find tiny bags of goodies, confectionery, toys and so much more in our Showbags Fundraising Collection.

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