6+ Themes With Showbags for Your Fundraising Ideas for Schools in Australia

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Remember that stressful feeling of trying to come up with an exciting fundraiser? Not any more! Fundraising in 2024 is all about knowing the audience and keeping costs (and stress levels) low. Now it’s about creating engaging experiences for the whole school community – and of course, raising valuable funds along the way. Showbags are your one-stop shop for creative fundraising ideas for schools in Australia, from energetic activities to sweet surprises.

Understanding Your Needs:

Before you grab your virtual megaphone and announce “fundraiser!”, take a step back. What are you raising money for? A new microscope for the science lab? A breathtaking field trip to the Great Barrier Reef? Or, to lend a helping hand to the art or sports departments.

Knowing your goals helps you choose the perfect fundraising activity – like selling something everyone wants (think chocolate, not broccoli!).

Less Mess, Less Stress, Just Novelty!

Though bake sales are a delicious activity, they require quite an investment: both time and money. Not to mention the clean-up required afterwards.

If delicious, chocolaty goodies are what you’re after, opt for a Cadbury fundraising activity! They are the perfect solution to satiate sweet cravings, all while encouraging you to explore your creativity.

It’s not just showing up with goodie bags filled with mouthwatering delights. You can pair them with a host of activities!

Movie Themes Done Right

Hide a Golden Ticket in one of the show bags. Whoever buys the treat-filled bag with the golden ticket inside wins a grand prize, like a larger Cadbury Showbag filled with premium chocolates.

Piñata Party Poppers Or Scavenger Hunt Fun

The amount of engaged fundraising activities you can plan with show bags has no end. Especially, since you’re saving so much precious time running to and from the store, setting up elaborate sprees, or handling tired volunteers!

Instead of a traditional piñata, fill colourful party poppers with Novelty Showbags! All the fun, none of the mess — no more sticky candy clinging to hair or clothes – just pure, unadulterated treat-catching.

Auction Action And Bounty Of Treasures

Showbag auctions are popular school fundraising activities for a reason: they’ve got mystery, thrill, excitement, friendly competition, and lots of camaraderie.

Everyone tries to outbid the other, and you can make it extra mysterious by adding unique, collectible show bags in the bounty. Like a prized Barbie showbag in the midst, and watch the bidding numbers rise!

Novelty Bags To Shake Up School Fundraising In Australia

If you think show bags are only all about tasty treats, think again! Think funky glow sticks, temporary tattoos, groovy headbands, glow-in-the-dark merch, and enviable stationery are just a few of the super unique Novelty show bags you can opt for!

These funky show bags are a guaranteed recipe for a fundraiser filled with laughter, dancing, and seriously awesome photo ops.

We Did Say Mess-free, But There’s Slime Too!

Slime is all the rage, and what better way to be on the trend than with Slime Showbags? There are even DIY Slime kits you can get with colourful glue, activator, glitter, and plastic containers – everything junior slime scientists need to create their masterpiece. Set up a dedicated slime station at your event to keep the mess contained.

Fundraising For A Good Cause While Making Memories

Remember your childhood when you got a show bag at a school or on special days and spent ages digging through the goodies? Now, imagine you creating that same feeling for all who attend the fundraiser!

Show bags are more than just filled with awesome collectibles, tasty treats, and bounties that delight. They are a memento, a souvenir that has been cherished for long.

Showbags: Your Fun And Easy Fundraising Partner

Coming up with fundraising ideas for schools in Australia can feel like a chore – bake sales, car washes, and the list goes on. But with Showbags, you now have a way to raise money that is actually fun for everyone involved.

We’ve given you a few ideas to spark your creativity, from sneaky golden ticket surprises to epic scavenger hunts. The best part? Showbags save you tons of time and hassle.

You can pre-order the choicest show bags well in advance (insider tip: at least 4 weeks in advance is ideal!). If you’re confused or need more information, the Showbags team can help you find the best show bags for your fundraising efforts, right down to the age of children, market trends, and more. 

There’s even a free marketing kit with social media posts, templates, letters, and calculations to make sure you can raise funds confidently.

And, you can plan an entire fundraiser right at home. Only with Showbags!

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