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Unveil the ultimate bubble tea lover’s dream with our exclusive showbag! Indulge in a bubblicious experience with a trendy backpack, stylish tumbler, and a charming phone accessory. Scribble your thoughts in our adorable mini notebook set and sip your favorite drink with our pen set. Complete your look with cozy slippers, vibrant stickers, and a practical pencil case. Grab your bag and let’s dive into a world of flavor!


Introducing the ultimate bubble tea aficionado’s delight – our Bubble Tea Showbag! Packed to the brim with everything you need to express your love for this beloved beverage in style, it’s a must-have for any bubble tea enthusiast.
Step out in trend-setting fashion with our backpack, designed to carry all your essentials. Sip your favorite bubble tea  on the go with our sleek tumbler, keeping your drink at the perfect temperature throughout the day. Capture your thoughts in our charming mini notebook set, complete with adorable designs inspired by the world of bubble tea. Personalize your phone with our delightful phone charm, showcasing your passion for this tasty treat wherever you go.
Stay organized and ready to write with our pencil case and pen set, ensuring you’re always prepared to jot down your next brilliant idea or simply doodle your favorite bubble tea creations. Slip into comfort with our cozy slippers, perfect for lounging at home or adding a touch of whimsy to your daily routine. Embellish your belongings with our vibrant stickers, featuring playful bubble tea designs, and when it’s time to pack it all away, our non-woven bag provides a solution.
Indulge your love for bubble tea with our showbag – it’s more than just a collection of items, it’s a celebration of flavor, fun, and all things bubblicious

Showbag Content Sizes:

Product Size (cm) Weight (g)
Bubble Tea Backpack 45x31x13 205
Bubble Tea Cup H size:19 168
Bubble Tea Mini Notebook Set 10.5×14.5 81
Bubble Tea Phone Charm size:4.5×20 8.9
Bubble Tea Pen Set 21×10 35
Bubble Tea Pencil Case 20x12x5 42
Bubble Tea Stickers 15×14 11
Bubble Tea Slippers 26.5×10 76
Bubble Tea Non Woven Bag 40 x 38 x 11 58