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Unicorns are so on trend and they are showing no signs of going away anytime soon! Just like you, we’re totally here for it! Embrace the magic of unicorns with the Unicorn Mini Bag. It’s a collection of all things rainbows, unicorns, sparkles and glitter.

The Unicorn Mini Bag contents, including a headband, decals, metallic tattoos, eraser, glitter pots, nail art, pencil case and hair extension, are all packed inside a unicorn dreams non-woven mini tote bag.

Give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, either way you’ll love the amazing unicorn goodies inside the Unicorn Mini Bag. 

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Who doesn’t love unicorns? They’re full of magic, create rainbows wherever they go and are the guardians of all things sparkly and fabulous. In the Unicorn Mini Bag we’ve brought together some of the best unicorn goodies we could find in a mini but mighty package.

Inside the Unicorn Mini Bag you’ll find:

  • Adorable slimline unicorn headband with horn and ears
  • Cute unicorn decals
  • Metallic unicorn tattoos
  • Large unicorn eraser
  • Unicorn sparkle glitter pots
  • Unicorn and rainbows nail art
  • “Sparkle like a unicorn” pencil case with zip closure
  • Pink and purple hair extension with silver sequins
  • “Unicorn dream” mini non-woven tote bag

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  • Adorable slimline unicorn headband with horn and ears.
  • Cute unicorn decals with unicorns, rainbows and magical sayings.
  • Metallic and sparkly unicorn tattoos with pastel rainbows and hearts.
  • Large unicorn eraser with a rainbow and hearts.
  • Two unicorn sparkle glitter pots.

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Mini bag contains: