Trolli Jumbo Showbag

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At last, the Trolli Jumbo Showbag is here! Enjoy Trolli’s neon, sweet and sour gummy worms, bears, candy in the shapes and textures you love with the super popular Trolli Showbag. Indulge your tastebuds with Trolli Bite Crawlers, Trolli Pizza, Trolli Mini Burger and so much more for only $10.

The perfect party bag for your next birthday or special treat for a friend.

The Trolli Jumbo Showbag has so much value for the price. It Contains 1 x 150g Trolli Cola Bottles, 2 x 15.5g Trolli Pizza, 5 x 10g Trolli Gummi Bears, 2 x 36g Trolli Brite Crawlers, 3 x 19g Trolli Gecko, 5 x 9g Trolli Sea Critters, 6 x 18g Trolli Brite Crawlers, 4 x 9g Trolli Mini Burger, 4 x 20g Trolli Sour Fries & 3 x 9g Trolli Hot Dog.

The Trolli Jumbo Showbag is great value at only $10, so what are you waiting for add to cart and enjoy today.

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The Trolli Jumbo Showbag has shined its neon light in the darkness and consistently delivered delicious products for gummi-lovers of all preferences to enjoy. Let your sour imagination run wild with all the gummies in this bag. Both your mouth and stomach will thank you for the explosion of flavour and fun memorable moments.

With an assortment that will make you giddy with a sugar high, this showbag is the perfect treat for someone you love, someone that needs a treat, or even yourself.

This showbag will excite, delight, and set the bar for all future birthday parties and gifts. With all your Trolli favourites including the famous Pizza and Trolli Hamburger, get your tastebuds ready, because with this showbag you will feel that sugar rush for days.

The Trolli Jumbo Showbag has enormous value and contains:

  •  1 x 150g Trolli Cola Bottles
  •  2 x 15.5g Trolli Pizza
  •  5 x 10g Trolli Gummi Bears
  •  2 x 36g Trolli Brite Crawlers
  •  3 x 19g Trolli Gecko
  •  5 x 9g Trolli Sea Critters
  •  6 x 18g Trolli Brite Crawlers
  •  4 x 9g Trolli Mini Burger
  •  4 x 20g Trolli Sour Fries
  •  3 x 9g Trolli Hot Dog

Invade your mouth with a Trolli Jumbo Showbag. Grab yours now with fast shipping and AFTERPAY so you can enjoy now, and pay later. We are open 24/7 – go on… treat yourself!

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