The Original Idiot Showbag

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The Original Idiot Showbag is for all those tricksters out there who love a good prank. It’s packed full of  amazing pranks and tricks to pull on your friends and family.

Inside The Original Idiot Showbag you’ll find Trick cockroach, trick snot, trick broken window sticker, trick poo, prank bullants, trick snap gum, prank poo with maggots, toilet noise putting, sticky snapper hand, neon pop tube, sound tube, bubble pop keychain in assorted designs, and brain teaser puzzle.

This showbag makes a great gift or buy it to keep the kids entertained for hours in the school holidays!

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If you’re looking for fun, you’ll find it in The Original Idiot Showbag. This is one for the tricksters, the jokesters and the pranksters!

Inside The Original Idiot Showbag you’ll find:

  • Glow in the dark trick snot
  • Trick worms and maggots
  • Realistic trick cockroach
  • Broken window sticker
  • Trick chewing gum
  • Prank broken window sticker
  • Sticky snapper hand
  • Splat ball
  • Trick poo flinger
  • Trick bullants
  • Fidget bubble pop keychain
  • Fidget neon pop tube
  • brain teaser puzzle
  • Toilet noise putty
  • Sound tube

If you’re looking for a way to keep the kids entertained for hours during the school holidays or on the weekend, The Original Idiot Showbag is the way to do it. They’ll be plotting and scheming ways to use their pranks all day long! Showbags also make a great birthday gift. They’re such great value that it’s a surefire way to impress on a budget.

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  • Glow in the dark trick snot to gross out your friends.
  • Trick worms and maggots to freak the parents out in the kitchen.
  • Trick cockroach that looks totally realistic.
  • Stick and peel broken window sticker.
  • Dirty face soap powder for dirt that just won’t wash off.